The motto of the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles.

My favorite place to eat.

The park across the street.

A fountain in the park.

Teddy makes a bee line for the lake.

The entrance is just behind the gazebo.

Get out of the way little ducky.

She takes a drink, though the lake has floating grass from the last mowing of the season!

The duck makes a break for it.

Duck...did someone say duck. I would like a bit of duck!

Some people smoke grass, I drink it.

Time for Teddy's exit.

She runs and shakes.

All of the cute shops are decorated for Fall.

As well as all of the sidewalk urns.

A rat hat for sale.

These urns were planted with hot peppers.

From The Earth...all locally made items.

Houses on the lake.

I want to stay in the mini version of the big one on the hill.

There is a condo available in this one.

My favorite kitchen store.

We brought Teddy an order of scrod from the restaurant. This is her favorite part.

We left early for Salem.

We pasted lots of pumpkin farms and decorated homes.

This was by far the best of all of them.

Check out the detail!

Too cool!

The Berkshires are gorgeous this time of year.


I love looking at the rock formations! We are now settled in and I will start posting photos of the trip. We are off to Salem first thing to tomorrow!


Barb said…
Thanks for taking us on this trip! If I didn't live in the NW I'd be in the NE.
Anonymous said…
beautiful shots, you know,,, I will never likely be there so following along with you is so much fun,, I can't beleive the amount effort people put in for their halloween decorations, amazing.Those rock formations and colored leaves look very much like our highways here in northern ontario.Have a safe journey,
Anonymous said…
I still can't beleive that teddy eats fish that is so wild,, ( I beleive you but its crazy wild to me) I know the Inuits feed their sled dogs fish,
Anonymous said…
I love to see photographs from Skaneateles! So beutiful and I do hope I can go there one day!

Have a great continuing of Your trip!
love love love this...loved seeing all the shops, the houses, the everything...

i see teddy has a tiled in area for her food... did you make that for her or was it there????

love her scrod dinner...too cute !!!! she sure loves her lake...and she remembers it from year to year???? she is just so cute !!!

thanks for taking us along...i needed it...and i feel better just looking at everything....
Marigold said…
Awesome! Especially the decorations at that one place. If you have time, be sure to check my blog for the Little UnDeads foray into Practical Magic. :)
brokenteepee said…
I know you will enjoy yourselves.
Kelly said…
I love Salem. I worked there for 2 years. Halloween was a blast. I hope ya'll have a wonderful trip.
Susan Branch said…
I live in New England . . . am wondering, are you on a trip? I see you're on the road, but are you near your home? Love the photos, loved Salem, and love Skaneateles . . . I'm new here. Thanks! The black and white checked pumpkins are giving me ideas! :-)
What great photos. I feel like I'm on vacation with you. Teddy looks like she is having a ball. The last photo looks like driving through Kentucky this time of year.
petoskystone said…
what a lovely house to have a condo in!
lot of concentration in eating scrod ;)
You must know how I love to see Teddy busy living life. Down and into the waters, slurps! Yum yum scrod.

Your favorite decorated house: Hail, Hail, The Gang is Here for Halloween.

Pure excitement, high-ho hig-ho, it's off to Salem we go.

Thank you for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Great pics;) Love your dog:)
mlw33 said…
So you're coming to visit us here in Salem? Have an awesome time! Are you guys staying in Salem or just outside? The rooms book up so quickly in salem so I'm curious.
Rue said…
Your yearly Salem trip posts always make me SO happy!!! Can't wait to see what pics you snap this year. And I love that idea of painting the black designs on the Lumina pumpkins in that shop display!
Unknown said…
Yes, welcome to MA. Enjoy your stay. Love your pictures!
Teddy likes Scrod? Amazing. Most dogs I know don't like fish. Teddy looked positively delighted at the water's edge. I LOVED that house with all the decorations. It was to die for. Halloween is in the air. Have fun in Salem.
Thanks for taking us along on your trip. Teddy looks like he is enjoying his vacation. I like the Halloween displays. Is that rock formation granite?
LuLu Kellogg said…
These pictures are TOTAL eye candy! Especially the ones of Teddy...sweet fur baby!

Can't wait to see more!
Toriz said…
Yeah, dogs don't care what's in their water.
Loli said…
She liked water too much. But I have to say our Bon Bon also drinks water that is not so clean