Tudor Nights Part 2

Good morning, everyone! This is The Blog Tech with photos of the inside of the Tudor House.
I don't know a whole lot about its history (I just take the photos, man!), but be sure to visit the Tudor Place website if you want to learn more.
I spent a long time taking pictures of this gloriously-huge Christmas tree. If I ever have a house with Roman Pillars, I am going to put a Christmas tree right behind them.
The foyer, with several guests reading all about the Tudor house's history.
One of the really neat things about this house from a photography standpoint is how it's laid out. So many straight lines from one end to the other. I am describing this horribly, but basically, it allows for me to take photos like this one where you get to see inside three different rooms at once.
A festive little table. For whatever reason, this photo came out more clearly than any other. The photo gods like little festive tables.
The awesome Christmas tree from the inside.
The stockings were hung from the mantle with care in the hope that St. Nicholas soon would be there! I think I quoted that correctly.
Another Christmas tree.
A dining room table.
Another shot of the fireplace.
People milling around the awesome Christmas tree.

Another three-room shot. I really took a ton of these.
Thus concludes my photos of the Tudor house. Too bad my Canon camera had to miss the big game, but the fates are under no obligation to be kind! Thanks so much for reading my guest entries, and make sure to come back tomorrow for the return of my mother!

-Blog Tech


jaz@octoberfarm said…
the stockings were hung from the chimney with care!!! your mother
brokenteepee said…
It looks like a beautiful museum.
Thanks for the tour.
Barbara F. said…
Great photos. Thanks for the tour. xo
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing. I think the dining room table is my favorite. I so wish I could be there in person to see all of this. Gosh I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. This really puts me in the spirit.
Anonymous said…
I want a christmas tree like that (but indoors) with only nthe lights and red christmas baubles in it! No tinsel or anything else.
But my cottage is so small that no tree standing in here would look that awsome :-)

Have a great day!
GREAT job as always giving us an inside peek. I must say I am CRAZY about the other TREE. Just my cup of tea.
Blog Tech, I think you have done a beautiful job with the Tudor House party and tour. However, could you please get home I miss your mom's recipes.
Robin Larkspur said…
Great job, BT! The Tudor House looked splendid, and I am sure the food was a huge hit. Your sister is lucky to have such great family to support her work. I hope, though, that you didn't eat too much of the food intended guests, as you are proned to do, lol!! And I would love that grandfather clock in the hallway there!
Super shots -- I feel like I was there!
Rue said…
I love the flow of that place too. Beautiful.
Unknown said…
oh nowww I get it ... for a minute I thought I was mad when I saw yr pics of you in NY!!! Was octoberfarm a MAN???? Where has your mom been? All the best :))
Barb said…
Your great photos make me want to go visit a lovely old home during the holidays!