I went to our food coop today.

I tend to forget about this place but it is back on my radar now.

What an eggcellent assortment of free range eggs I found.

And Meyer lemons.

I picked up a curried tofu wrap for lunch.

Some sesame, ginger tofu and tabbouleh. I am very eggcited. I will stop now.


Guillaume said…
Eggs, eggs, what to do with so many eggs? My suggestions: omelettes (with smoked salmon or Velveeta in it), pancakes, cakes (lots of them), French toasts... Oh, one of my favourite: English muffin sandwich with a fried egg in it. So delicious.
Anonymous said…
Looks good...all of it! I never thought a photo of a basket of eggs could be so pretty~~~
I would be eggcited too! Those eggs are beautiful. You don't even have to dye them for Easter. Your lunch looks fabulous and so healthy. I forget about our food coop also. I need to get back to that.
Anonymous said…
beautiful eggs!!! Wow such colors and in such a lovely basket.Looks like spring to me.The hens always start laying really good come spring.
Thats a beautiful lunch, so exotic.
LindaG said…
I need to find out if we have any food co-ops around here.

Have a great weekend!
Wizardess said…
How's the Tedster?
Barb said…
Those eggs are so pretty, they look dyed. How's Teddy?
brokenteepee said…
Looks like my haul tonight.
Anonymous said…
I went to bed early last night so I almost missed this post :-)

What beautiful eggs! Well the rest wasn't bad either to be honest :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
Wow, those eggs are awesome!
My hubby was overlooking my shoulder when he saw the eggs. He asked me why you had dyed them so early. Easter was a ways off. Needless to say, he's a CITY boy. LOL The tabouleh looked delish. Take care.