Jambon Fume' Fromage...A French Sandwich

One of my favorite things to do while exploring French cities has always been to sample the wide variety of sandwiches for sale along the avenues. The French sure like their sandwiches and I like their sandwiches too. I make variations of these for my kids a lot.

The ones I made today are very basic. A baguette spread with Dijon mustard. Several slices of prosciutto and some cotto (thinly sliced Italian pork).

And of course, a nice slice of creamy brie.

Not fancy and easy to make but oh so good!

Serve with cornichons or some sort of pickle. Bon Appetit!


brokenteepee said…
What more does one need?
Anonymous said…
Yes, the French sure know how to make delicious sandwiches :-) But we're not far behind up here in the north :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
sounds yummy and on your home made bread even yummier! I would imagine spring is really making its self known in your garden by now.I will be looking forward to see photos of your potting bench, i enjoy how you change it with the seasons.I hope Teddy is well.
NOW I am hungry. Have to make me one. TAKE CARE.
The sandwiches look wonderful. Anything with brie has my vote.
Nellie said…
Sometimes the simple things are best!
Ina in Alaska said…
Brie makes it so very classy!