Fall Decorating

 I did some more Fall decorating.  I keep these lit all day.  I know they would make Kary smile.  Her memorial went very nicely and The Bad Ones stayed away.  Thank you to everyone that memorialized Kary.

 The mantle is covered with toads, mushrooms, pumpkins and leaves.

 I am pulling out all of my Fall signs.

 I sure will miss going to Salem this year but it was to hard to coordinate the kid's schedules.  Plus, Teddy can not be counted on to get in and out of the car this year which makes traveling difficult.  If she doesn't want to get in the car there is no one that can get her in it.  I need Cesar.

 Some of my brooms.

 My velvet pumpkins.

 These candles turn on at dusk each night.

 We stopped by a store selling these.

 It was in Amish country.

 Teddy can't wait for Fall.

 It makes me happy to look at this.

And gives me hope I will see this soon too!  Well, maybe not this much!


Suzanne said…
I started fall decorating too!!!!!
Danni said…
I'm pulling out all my fall goodies too! Your set up on the mantle is gorgeous and I'm in love with those velvet pumpkins.
Everything is so beautiful! Well not the snow.
Anonymous said…
I know of no one who does Halloween as well you you do, you are the Halloween Queen.Teddy is such complicated beauty, tricky tricky dealing with those dogs,
petoskystone said…
I also smiled at your fireplace mantel:)
Robin Larkspur said…
Your Autumn mantle makes me all warm and fuzzy! Egad those velvet pumpkins!! Amazing! Where ever did you get them, or did you make them? Also, your besoms are beautiful and look ready for a good flight!
U no Hoo would love this!
Must be gorgeous at night , all lit and golden. I like that little honey pot/bee skep with the lit up bees inside.......
still not a pumpkin in sight around here.
brokenteepee said…
Sherpa meowed that he wants to nap on your velvet pumpkins.

That sounds like a line from a bad romance novel.....
Anonymous said…
You would have loved the weather over here today, sunny and cool. We never reached even 64. I do hope You'll get it cooler soon too!

Beautiful autumn decorations!

Have a great day!
Sorry everyone, but I am waiting for the 1st of September ... then we (my Sandy and I) are going for it. It all looks so enchanting in a happy way.
Have a great week, Peace,
Ina in Alaska said…
What a glorious extravaganza of Fall and Halloween decorations! And I love the glimpse of the splendid chandelier in the mirror. ooo la la!!! Thank you for sharing your treasures with us.

I am wondering if Teddy thinks she is going to the V E T....???

Fall will be here soon! And too soon for me.....
Barbara F. said…
You have some of the best Halloween decor. Some of it looks to be one of a kind. That Teddy is such a cutie. I am sure your party is going to be amazing.

I lit my candle for Kary, and for all friends who have left us too soon. I must say the flame was dancing for quite a while. I also offered my daily Rosary for Kary. xo
Holt House said…
Love your decor, think mine will wait until at least September, in the 90s here this week!
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous picture as usual. I better start decorating too: it is slowly starting to look like autumn outside.
Those velvet pumpkins are lovely! They'd look great piled on a bed.
mlw33 said…
Love your mantle decorations! So pretty, I would love to look at that every evening, up here in Massachusetts, it is muggy, muggy, muggy! :( can't wait for the cool, crisp air.

I live just a city away from Salem, Ma--we live in Lynn. Just had my first baby in August, can't wait to dress her up in her costume and all her "My First Halloween" outfits!
Love the pentacle set into your window, was that made specially? LOVE the Salem sign. Isn't Salem a wondrous little town? Love it there....got my pentacle tattoo at the Purple Scorpion!
Heather said…
I'm so excited for fall decorating! once september hits, I feel like its time. You have some beautiful decorations! Love autumn....
Nadine said…
Gosh I wish I had the space to decorate like this. Hopefully soon *crosses fingers* The decorations look great!
Margaret said…
Oh my! Your decorating is in a class all by itself! How spectacular and I love that you add toads to your mantle. It truly looks amazing! I love snow too! Maggie!
OHHHH that mantle! It takes my breath away. -oh happy sigh-

Sorry that Teddy is becoming a bit of a *testy-kid*. -chuckle- Maybe that dog whisper-er, makes house calls!

Now that we got the house/cellar decluttered... We have to clean up stairs. Then I can get out my decorations! I should use this, as a carrot-on-a-stick. Get the ding-dang cleaning up done! To get to decorations. :-))))))))))

Anna Hanley said…
Hi,Yummy to that German potato salad! I am looking forward to fall too.No decorating yet. Enjoy, Anna
I know Kary would love your decorations, every time I see Halloween decorations I think of her!

Your mantel is stunning! I love the Salem signs!!!
Jane K said…
Ooh so many wonderful Autumn and Halloween decorations, I'm so jealous of all the wonderful things you can buy this time of year in the states.

You can keep the snow though :)

I've left you a blog award on my blog Witchery Grove if you would like it.

J x
Love your autumn decorations. I'm sure your friend is smiling. Had a candle going here too. A pumpkin one. It's a shame about Salem. Teddy will miss the lobster. That snow looks a little high to me. I can almost hear the plows.
I so love the mantle showcase. I was already thinking how Kary would be gearing up for Halloween. You both love Halloween so much.

What has got into Teddy? Is she okay.
luckybunny said…
Love the decorations. Fireplace looks beautiful! Love fall.. but not ready for snow. The cold is coming here, quickly. Most of the leaves are falling off the trees right now. If you blink, you'll miss fall. :) Love the picture of Teddy :) The cooler weather sure does feel good, especially with that furry coat!
I am way behind so you will probably not read this comment...but your mantel is absolutely fantastic! I think I will just email you..because I have to tell you. Back to the drawing board on my mantel. I was shy about doing it up big time..but you are giving me courage. You would think I was in 8th grade the way I can be intimidated by my family saying I am in too much of a rush! To heck with them...I'm going for broke!
You have motivated me..BIG TIME!