Finally we got a bit of snow!  Not nearly what was forecast but I  will take what I can get.

I also made bread this morning to give to a friend that does not eat sweets but loves bread.  I made the rosemary no knead bread again and some French bread.  If you have not tried this French bread recipe, here it is again:

You just take it out of the fridge and pull off some dough, let it proof and then bake it whenever you want some fresh bread.

I flatten a piece and then roll it and stretch it.

I let it proof in bread pans and bake it in them for about the first 15 minutes.  Then I slide them out of the pans and let them finish baking on my oven stone.

Teddy footprints.

Teddy was surprised to see snow this morning.

She was very sleepy and slow moving at 4:30 am.

It took a bit of coaxing to get her to go out.

She just had a bit of breakfast and still had some on her lips.

The rosemary bread fresh from the oven.

My friend was thrilled to get this.  She hides it from her family to save it for herself.

Please Santa send more snow!


My Grama's Soul said…
Every time I stop here....I fall in love with Teddy all over again. Snow....good for you....wish we would get some....fat chance! LOL LOL


Nellie said…
Glad you have some snow. The bread looks wonderful!
Patty Woodland said…
I would be slow moving at 4:30AM too.

So glad you got your snow
Farm Friendly said…
I would love some snow! I am baking today too!
Debby said…
Teddy has the cutest teddy bear face. So sweet of you to give your friend homemade bread. I so miss good breads.....I have Celiac. You can't find good GF ones, guess I will have to start baking.
Happy Holidays.
Anonymous said…
At least You got some snow. But winter is still young so I'm pretty sure You'll get more.

My food processor broke down yesterday so I need to buy a new one, I can of course bake anyway but I'll buy a new one after yule. I really can't complain about the old one breaking down, after all I've had it for over 25 years :-)

Have a great day!
How cozy to be cooking with snow outside!
Merry Christmas, Joyce
Robin Larkspur said…
Your house must always smell so heavenly, especially early in the morning. Teddy is such a sweetie, even at 4:30 am.
I wish I could send you some of our snow! I am sure you will get a lot more soon!!
Jolly, Jolly, Ho Ho Ho!!! Merry Christmas.

The Teddy cute.

Love the breads.
"She hides it from her family" -- LOL! I would too. I hope you get more snow because I know you love it so!
Margaret said…
I would be hiding that bread to eat myself too :) looks so yummy and I am such a bread lover.

Teddy is so adorable in his CHristma antlers. He is more handsome than Rudolph! Maggie
luckybunny said…
I'm pretty sleepy and slow moving at that time of the morning too Teddy! I get it! Bread looks amazing. We finally got snow here too! :)
Barb said…
The bread looks delicious and I can see why Teddy is a bit slow at 4:30 in the morning!!!! Have a Very Merry Christmas
Well...Joyce, some snow is better than we agree there!:) It's beautiful. Ok..not to out and pee in..but pretty to look at from the inside where it's warm and cozy. GRiEF but I'm glad I'm not a dog!
Dee said…
I wish we lived close to you so we could get all these wonderful looking treats you give your neighbors!
Hooray for some snow, anyway!!!!!!!!!!

We are cold and sunny. Perhaps our random snow showers (or "spits") will return later. As long as it's not raining, I'll be happy. As long as we randomly get some snow blowing through the air, I'll be happy.

See? I have to keep up this new-stay-happy-with-the-weather mood! 'Cause it brought me SOME snow showers anyway. -grin-

Guillaume said…
It has been snowing here quite a lot. Lovely.