The First Snow

A couple days ago, I opened my front door to see this......Ahhhhhh...snow!

Within a couple hours it looked like this....more snow!!!

The back yard just after the snow began.

Teddy observes the gardens from the back porch.  She is not a snow lover like my last chow.

She prefers to be inside when there is lots of snow.

Teddy is acutely aware of any changes in her surroundings.  I brought out a purse which I haven't used in ages to give to my daughter.  I laid it on the coffee table and as soon as she came in the room she noticed it.

She decided to take a closer look.  She has never set foot on this table before.

Hmmmm....maybe I will play with the angel?

But I really want that purse.

What a predicament.

I can see through this table.

This is how she chooses to interact with the snow.  It is a killer on the heat bills.

Not too long after the snow started it looked like this.

More snow is on the way with very cold temperatures so it will be hanging around here for a while.  Happy New Year's Eve!


Great snow photos!!!!!!!!!

Happy, happy Joyce.


Happy New Year's Eve to you, my Dear Blogging Friend!
jody said…
beautiful snow! and teddy of course is beautiful too! i love snow covered gardens but would prefer the green gardens.... the count down is on!! enjoy your day! ive enjoyed this past year as a new blogger! and enjoying your blog!
Enjoy all that SNOW, GLORIOUS SNOW while you have it! I know you love it, even if Teddy doesn't.
petoskystone said…
A happy New Years' to you & yours! Lovely snow. We finally have a bit here, as well. It is now nicely smushed down, thanks to two grandchildren.
Jan said…
OMG, I just LOVE Teddy!!! She is so beautiful. We have a 130 lb Alaskan Malamute that we love to pieces, but at some point I would like to get my very own "Teddy" :)

Happy New Year, Joyce!!!

Britt-Arnhild said…
What a beautiful garden/backyard you have. Both with and without snow :-)
~Melissa~ said…
Hi, my name is Melissa. I have been following your blog for a while. It's one of my favorites. I love all the pictures, especially of Teddy. :)

Happy New Years to you and your family!

I'm in South Carolina. There's definitely no snow here. :( Being originally from KY, I miss the winter snows.
Patty Woodland said…
It's snowing again today - I think this is our 10th straight day of snow. It's not adding up to much, just enough to be annoying.
Anonymous said…
that Teddy is just such a curious personality, very complex! Not spoiled at all either, lol, Happy New Year !!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm happy that You finally get the weather You like :-)

Teddy is just so cute standing on that tabel :-)
I have an angel like that someweher in my cottage, I forgot to place it on the linnen cupboard like i always do at Yule.

Have a good ending of this year and a good new year!
Cheryl said…
Your front walk and backyard look absolutely beautiful. Do you live in a Victorian?
And what is that beautiful structure in your backyard? Looks like a bird roost or a green house.
Nellie said…
Sending along wishes for Happy New Year to you!

Love your pictures of the snow! Teddy is comical.:-)
MandaBurms said…
Happy New Year. Oh my that is SNOW! I laughed how Teddy likes to just look at the snow through the open door, but also keeping warm.
Keep warm over there.
Love Leanne
Barbara F. said…
I'm with Teddie on the snow issue. Your snowfall looks soft and gorgeous and light and fluffy. ;-) I enjoy experiencing it through your eyes. Happy New Year, and all the best in 2013. xo
Margaret said…
Happy New Year! Love that Teddy! In our house, the cats observe something new right away too but then they have to lay on top of it or sleep on it! Oh well! The snow looks beautiful and I love it! We only have a bit here right now. Hoping for some real soon! Have a great night! Maggie
Guillaume said…
Oh this is so lovely! We have snow here too, buckets loads of it.
luckybunny said…
Happy New Year! LOL Teddy, maybe go sit by the window instead? :)
Laura said…
I'm so jealous of all your snow!!! Please send some my way! :-)
Happy New Year!
I'd say Teddy was a smart little puppy considering how she feels about the snow! My sentiments exactly! We have so much snow at the cottage it's insane! Can't wait to see how much we have when we go home to MA tomorrow afternoon!

Happy New Year!
Just a little glad not to be in Maine right now..and very glad the house is rented and being taken care of! The snow is fantastic and so lovely to look at but I also remember how darn cold it was. It's beautiful, Joyce! I am so glad your snow finally arrived. Our's is in the mountains..and we can see it from our home..which is fine with me.
:) I can never get enough of the pictures of it though...and I get a twinge or two..:):)
I am NOT jealous! NOT at ALL! :)
Amanda said…
so beautiful!! it always looks so gorgeous when snow covers everything!!
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