New Fall Magazines and Lemon Zucchini Bread

I made the shelter more zucchini bread.  When I was there the other day they were hinting strongly that they wanted more.
These are the same guys that wouldn't touch it when I took it the last time because it had zucchini in it.  The learned quickly that they actually like zucchini.  At least when it is in this bread.

If you haven't tried it, you should.  Here is the recipe:

I wait all year for this day....the day I find the first Fall magazines.

Kary and I had a race each year to see who could find the first ones.

Then we would read and review each one.

I spoke to her husband yesterday and he said he has thousands of Fall magazines he has to get rid of.  That will be me one of these days.  All that will be left of me will be Fall magazines and witch stuff.  My favorite way to exit!!!


I saw the autumn cottage at walmart yesterday,but not the rest I am gunna have to look for one with the black cats on it!
Anonymous said…
I know you miss your dear friend, the memories of things you shared I hope bring you happiness, I'm glad your reformed the men at the shelter to like zucchini, these look lovely, I have never thought of a glaze on them, sounds wonderful. I love the magazines come Fall too, since Garry retired I had to curtail my magazine addiction, lol, they are so expensive!!!
brokenteepee said…
The bread looks diving. I'm shredding carrots today for carrot cake now and in the future.
Anonymous said…
Are those bvreads something one has with coffee? Zucchini breads aren't anything common here so I haven't a clur :-)

Not much fior magazines and I still want summer to stay for at least a monh :-)

Have a great day!
You are educating palates down at the shelter!
I bet you miss your friend ((hugs)) I'm looking forward to spring and seeing your home decorated for fall.
Love Leanne
I'm so excited for fall. I can't wait to get out all my pumpkins and witches and go shopping for new fall decorations! And you are right, what a great way to exit!
Sunnybrook Farm said…
Oh yea zucchini bread great, if I had some of that to go with some coffee right now, it would be the perfect coffee break.
That zucchini bread with the glaze looks so yummy. Glad you found your magazines. Was glancing at one the other day here.
Guillaume said…
Tomorrow is August, so it sort of makes sense. A bit early maybe, but harvest time is coming and August is in many ways a transitional month. Better to think of autumn and Halloween than get in that lousy back to school feeling.
Nellie said…
Yes, on the eve of August 1, one is reminded of the quickly passing summer. Fall is not far behind!
Mystica said…
I love magazines too. I don't know exactly what are Fall Magazines but the others certainly do ring a bell.
Margaret said…
Can't wait for autumn!
Baba said…
Where did you find all of those wonderful fall mags?
Mary Ann said…
I have the Country Sampler and the Autumn Cottage, which I didn't think had ENOUGH Autumn in it, this time, isn't that funny? I love them too!
Really? I haven't been out looking but I am out there today! I look forward to them..
The bread..well..well... *faints dead away from imagining the fantastic smell of fresh baked....etc etc etc. :)*
you and your halloween

you is so cute
luckybunny said…
Can't say that bread looks bad! Yum!