Frogmore Stew

Is it just me or did RollingStone really not notice the similarity?     
 We had a very quiet Labor Day weekend.  I made dinner for the shelter and then made dinner for us.  We had Frogmore Stew....and no, there are no frogs in it!  I figured the end of summer called for seafood and we love ours cooked this way.  This is very simple and very tasty.  Bring a pot of water to a boil and add lots of Old Bay seasoning and some granulated garlic.

 Cube a bunch of new potatoes, break some fresh ears of corn and add them with some smokey kielbasa to the pot.

 Add a bunch of fresh shrimp still in their shells.  I added a couple dozen clams too.

 Add a bay leaf and a lemon cut in half.  Cook until the potatoes are tender and the shrimp have turned pink.  Serve this in bowls with melted butter on the side for dipping and horseradish for the sausage.

 The leaves are beginning to fall.

 The garden is still producing so I won't rip it out quite yet.

 The Beauty Berries are turning their vibrant shade of purple.

 And Teddy was taking an early morning snooze.


brokenteepee said…
I think I'd like an early morning snooze....
Guillaume said…
Stews are very autumnal.
Anonymous said…
I too took an early morning snooze today :-) I fully understand why she did that :-) Smart girl Teddy :-)

I have to admit that I never even thought of combining corn, sausages and shrimps and clams :-) But I love it all so I'm pretty sure I would love this!

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
The stew sounds very tasty! I'd say there were no leftovers.:-)
No frogs in it? Then why the hell is it called Frogmore Stew? False advertising, I'd say.
Debby said…
My friend makes Frogmore Stew. I have never had it but would love to try it.
The cover photo is scary similar. I am sure they knew it. They have had other crazies on the cover from what I heard. Just not respectful in my little mind. Don't give him any face time from all the hurt he caused.
Happy Fall.
Bird said…
I've been doing morning snoozes myself, these days. The season is changing. The frogmore stew would definitely be something my husband would dive into. LOL He'd love something like that. hope you have a beautiful week, Bird.
Why do they call it FROGMORE stew??? Teddy I could go for a morning snooze too.
Sounds tasty and easy to make. Exactly what I need for my huge family. We did something like that at the beach for Sandy's Memorial. A HUGE pot set in the fire pit..a large ladle. No corn in ours though.
I've bought a few things for my Halloween collection. Cute and rustic...did I tell you? Probably!