Mush and Scrapple

On a recent trip to the country, we stopped for breakfast.  The Blog Tech is always interested in trying new things and he ordered both scrapple and cornmeal mush for the first time.  He loved both and requested that I make them for his birthday breakfast which is tomorrow.
 I improvised and created my own recipe for the scrapple.  I started by frying some hobo bacon. Hobo bacon is coated with an assortment of spices and some brown sugar. It is very flavorful.

 While the bacon cooked I made the mush. It is very simple to make.  You just mix 1 C. cornmeal, 1 C. water and 1 tsp. of salt together.  While whisking you add 3 C. boiling water and cook stirring until it thickens. Pour it in a greased loaf pan and refrigerate until ready to use.

 I used this as a basic recipe.

 Instead of ground pork, I used sage sausage.  Might as well add as much flavor as possible.  I sprinkled in some thyme as well.  Add salt and pepper.

 Whisk it together and bring to a boil.

 Add 1 C. of cornmeal.

 Stir until the sausage is cooked and it is thickened.

 Finely dice the cooked bacon and add it to the scrapple mixture.

Pour it into a greased loaf pan and place it in the fridge.  I will show you how this is prepared tomorrow.


brokenteepee said…
You should be able to find scrapple at any Amish store.

I missed it terribly out here until we stumbled upon it at the Mennonite butcher shop. It's a slightly different recipe than Philadelphia scrapple - spicier - but I'm happy to have it again. I grew up on it and just love it.
Anonymous said…
I've never Heard of anything like this but I like the ingredients so I guess I would like this too :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
First time I ever read about such meal.
The scrapple intrigues me. I've never heard of it before. Looking forward to more info tomorrow!
Bird said…
I have never had scrapple before... I think it may give my gizzards some trouble. lol But it does look interesting and I know for a fact my husband would try it. That man loves food! ;-) Well, I do too.
Megs said…
I love scrapple, fried crisp. It looks like your scrapple will be really good, since it's made from sausage, while scrapple is made from any part of the pig. Have you ever had pudding ? I think it's a cross between mush and scrapple.
Anonymous said…
we have eaten scrapple in our family for as long as I can remember, kinda looks like dog food but is delicious sliced and fried, your blog Tech is very interested in different foods, he must be a foodie,
NanaDiana said…
I can remember both being served when I was a kid. I could eat the mush but I could NOT eat the scrapple. My Dad loved it though- xo Diana
Unknown said…
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So interesting, and sounds very delicious - never had this one before, thanks for sharing!
My parent's love scrapple.
I've never had scrapple, which sure sounds delicious.