A Wet and Dreary Day

 If only it was cold, this would all be snow.

 A wet witch.

 It has been raining since very early this morning.

 The gardens are damp and dreary.

 The Green Man is not very happy.

 Even my wind chimes are dripping.

 Grumpy cat.

Does anyone have a tissue?


brokenteepee said…
It's pretty miserable here too - unhappy goats! The cats though are all snuggled up by the woodstove so they are quite content.
Sunnybrook Farm said…
The sun is out here after heavy rain during the night and morning. I haven't taken any photos as it was raining too hard to take the camera out during the morning. Maybe I will go out and slop through the mud in awhile.
Anonymous said…
We didn't get as much rain here as I first believed. I think we have caught up with rain since the draught this summer now :-)

I hope it turns to snow since You like it :-)

Have a great day!
JFM said…
Thank you for a look once again at your magical backyard! It sure doesn't look dreary to me. It is filled with beautiful and wonderful things!!!

Love the witch's nose...lol!!!

greekwitch said…
Haha! She should have asked for the tissue a bit earlier! Ilove how magickal your gardens are!
luckybunny said…
Oh boy was I surprised to open your blog and see this! It is warm here and our snow is melting but far from gone and we haven't had rain yet. Seems so weird for the end of December to see that bare ground and wet. Looks like April!
Wanna trade? I'm here in Manitoba visiting my Mom and it's 30 below, 45 below with windchill. Yesterday there was a blizzard and my car got stuck twice in the hotel parking lot. HELP!
Margaret said…
What a super cool post! E have heavy rain too. Expecting snow on Thursday and arctic temps as of tomorrow! Love ya! Maggie
Guillaume said…
Here it is wet and dreary too and there's no snow which pretty much sucks.
Anonymous said…
I think I have what that witch has, lol, a cold is going round, I also think your garden looks wonderful, even dreary, more gothicky (???) when dreary, lol, I hope that snow soon comes for you, and I wish snow soon stops for us!
LOVE the grumpy cat. RAIN RAIN go away.
Barb said…
A funny little witch photo. We have some days like that. Today it is just cloudy!!!
Bird said…
It's not raining here... yet, but it's been warm enough to and all the smow is melting and everything is becoming... well... mud. Hope it cools down for you and you can get some snow.
Balmy weather here with lots of wind! Woke up to it this morning.
Where did all your snow go?
Rue said…
I'll send our snow your way, if you'll send the rain. I want to see the earth again!
Kay said…
Actually we could use a good soaking here in Hawaii. We keep getting passing showers or drizzles. Your photos make the dreary day look beautiful.
Birgit said…
And here in Germany, the sun is shining. In fact, it feels like spring! :)

Here's to some snow for you soon!

Happy New Year,
Cottage Tails said…
LOL your poor old crone. I sure love seeing photos of your garden. Hope it snows for again soon.
Love Leanne
chickpea678 said…
Yes, the witch's nose looks a bit runny!