Teddy's Year

Last January Teddy was frolicking in the snow.
In February, Teddy enjoyed some milder temps.
March brought heavy snow which knocked down Teddy's umbrella.  She was not happy.
In April, Teddy killed the Easter bunny.
Teddy's pool was opened in May.
Serious 'bad kitty' hunting went on in June.
Teddy gardened each day in July.
Teddy spent lots of time indoors in August chillin' with the A/C.
Teddy hung with the pumpkins on the porch in September.
She got her 'witch' on in October.
She had her last drink from the pond in November.

In December she slept in the snow.

And now she is disappearing into 2014.


brokenteepee said…
She has quite the life that Teddy.

No snow here - that was a photo of Abby from last month
Barb said…
Joyce, this would make the cutest calendar!! I think Teddy has found the good life!
Anonymous said…
oh how I adore Teddy, thank you Joyce for all the joy you have brought to us this year, I am so glad I have met you, I am a better cook because of you!I thank you for that, and I agree, a beautiful calendar,
Laura said…
I love Teddy's year! Have a wonderful New Year!

ps...Hugs to Teddy! :-)
Cottage Tails said…
SMILE Loved Teddy's year in review. love from us all
~mel said…
Happy New Year! I enjoyed the pictorial visit of Theodora Puddle Pup :) throughout the year. Have a wonderful 2014!
Anonymous said…
I have a slow internet connection right now because I've reached the limit to how much Gb I can use. So the photos won't show at all right now. I'll come back tomorrow when the speed is restored again because itäs a new month and new GB's :-)

Have a good end to this year and a good new year!
That is some commentary on Teddy's life this past year. HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2014 be healthy and happy for you and your loved ones.
Mary Ann said…
Laughing so hard at this! A perfect end to the year! Happy New Year!
Guillaume said…
Really sweet post. Love it.
Margaret said…
You forgot to mention how all twelve months she sat in the kitchen under your feet waiting for some free samples! Maggie
Dee said…
Thank you for your postings. I so enjoy them and enjoy Teddy so much.
Thank you for sharing the adventures of Teddy
Nellie said…
Cute, cute "Adventures of Teddy!"
Misty water colored memories...of the way we were! Happy New Year Teddy, Joyce, Blog Tech, and all the family! Here's to a better 2014..because there is always room for improvement!
Anonymous said…
She look soo cool in that witch hat :-)

HGave a good continuing of the new year!
Where does Teddy find the time to do all that? Wishing her and you all the best in 2014!
jody said…
Boy Teddy has had a busy Year! so fun to see her and all shes been up too! ok we have more than enought snow and its -26 i cant wait to be in the garden like Teddy! enjoy your New years Day!!
Kay said…
Teddy must be the fluffiest, cutest dog I've seen in a long, long time.
luckybunny said…
Awww I love this! :)
Birgit said…
I just love this wrap-up of the year -- Teddy is the best!

Here's to a happy and magical 2014!