City Chicken

No, I did not finally get the hens I have been yearning for.  Teddy does not allow that to happen. City chicken is a classic dish from my neck of the woods.  This dish was invented during the depression when chicken was expensive and hard to come by.
 You need cracker meal, it's just not the same without it.

 Set up a breading station.  One plate holds flour, one holds eggs (whisk them) and the other holds cracker meal.

 I am able to go to my butcher and buy city chicken already made up.  Since you probably can't do this, just cube some pork and veal and thread it on skewers. Who remembers when veal was cheaper than chicken?

 Sprinkle them with salt, pepper and thyme.

 Melt some butter with some oil in a heavy pot.

 Roll the meat in the flour.

Then roll it in the egg.
 Next, roll it in the cracker crumbs to coat all the meat.

 Cook these over medium heat until they are golden and crisp on all sides. Remove them to a plate and clean the pot.

 Place all of them back in the pot.

 Add chicken stock until it is half way up the meat.

 Cover the pot and place it in a 300 degree oven for 2 hours.

 The smell alone is worth making this dish.

 A finished city chicken leg.

The meat just falls off the bone.  Or in this case, the stick.


Never heard of this dish before. Looks mouthwatering.
brokenteepee said…
The depression was a time of great inventiveness in the kitchen
Anonymous said…
My grandmother used to do this and I remember loving it. I haven't eaten this in over 20 years since she passed away. I must remnember this next time I'm at the grocery store to buy food!

Have a great day!
Nellie said…
I can just imagine the aroma in the house! Yum!
GOTHAM239 said…
This is a must do! Looks delicious. Love the Le Creuset!!!!
Cottage Tails said…
I had to re read your first sentence - I somehow didn't think Teddy would welcome chickens.
Anonymous said…
it looks wonderful but for some reason the picture of Teddy with chicken feathers coming from the mouth is stuck in my head, lol, wouldn't Teddy love chasing chickens!!!!
This is another one I am doing..every recipe of yours I have tried has been wonderful. Thanks, Joyce! :) Chickens? My sweet hippie daughter is raising chickens now..and I would love to have a few myself..but..I s'pose my neighbors would throw fits...then again..maybe not. Never mind. PH would be the one that threw fits..not to mention Mele!
Marilyn said…
I remember these from my childhood. My Mom called them 'Mock Chicken Legs' I need to make them soon!
Adrienne said…
Yes, I knew them as mock chicken legs. We used to get them at the meat market and they were on sticks. It was a favorite meal.
Guillaume said…
Looks delicious. These days I tend to forget chicken can be eaten in different ways than sandwiches.