Fresh From Your Garden Salad

We are getting the first of our locally grown corn.  My husband loves corn and last year, I hardly made any.  So, I promised him that this year I will make him as much corn as possible and make it a lot of different ways.
For this recipe, I used 6 ears of corn. Cut it off the cob scraping the cob to get the most corn juice from it.

Mix 1/3 C. of fresh lemon and lime juice together with 1/3 C. of oil, some diced garlic, 1 tablespoon of honey, S&P, and diced shallot.  You can use red onion, vidalia onion or green onion instead of the shallot.

Slice up some of your freshly picked tomatoes.  As much as I am not a huge fan of summer, I sure like picking fresh tomatoes.

Dice up some fresh basil and add it to the corn. Tarragon would be good in this salad too.

You can use any cheese of your choice.  I used some cubed fresh mozzarella and a sprinkling of feta.

Toss it all together with the dressing.  I let this sit for a while, tossing it occasionally, to let the flavors combine.  Stay tuned for many more corn recipes.


Edie said…
Hey there,
This is Edie, Beverly Swetnam's (Beverly's Back Porch)sister-in-law. Just wanted to say how much I am missing her as my garden is giving me lots of produce. I am canning like crazy, but could never, ever, hope to keep up with her.

I was thinking of you this morning while I was missing Beverly. She treasured your friendship.

Anonymous said…
Joyce this sounds amazing and I have never had this!
Anonymous said…
Corn is not used often enough here in Sweden. Well people like pop corn :-) and we do have some in salads but that's about it. I love corn on the cob and buy fresk as often as I can, which means a few times in late summer :-)

This look delicious!

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
I toss corn in many salads out here when it comes in. I adore it but it is of course, basically candy.
Alicia Foodycat said…
This looks so delicious! I am a big fan of corn but my husband is not so much.
Your growing season is so far ahead of ours here in Alberta. Our local corn isn't ready until late August.
Susan said…
Our corn season is still a long way off, but I am going to bookmark this post! I love doing a quick saute of corn and other summer vege and freezing it in zippy bags. In the winter, I thaw a serving, drain it and scramble it with eggs. It's a mess (as they say Down South), but delish!
Cottage Tails said…
ahhh nothing like summer and sweetcorn. Looks a yummy salad!
Guillaume said…
It would be perfect for a hot day.
Barb said…
Another of your recipes I am going to try. I haven't seen any tomatoes yet at our farmer's market. I'm going tomorrow , so I'll hope for the best. Can you believe we are having temps in the 90's for at least 5 days maybe more! This is the year I should have tried tomatoes!
Deb said…
I have terrible corn envy. Here in England we don't get great corn. It's not the real thing--too sweet and sold way past its best.
Like the feta cheese. I put that on veggies I serve too. Corn looks scrumptious. it possible for the Blog Tech to make your print a wee bit larger. I am having such a time reading it.
We have a lot of fresh corn in season. Interesting because today I ran across an ad in a catalog for a dodad that cuts the corn from the cob in one fell swoop!..or is that one swell foop..whatever. Of course I wondered how well it worked. Goes to show you how lazy I have gotten. :(