Kofta and Focaccia

I mixed cultures for lunch yesterday.  I made Turkish koftas and Italian focaccia. I served it with a Turkish salad and Turkish peppers.
You can find the recipe for the koftas here:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/search?q=kafta

Ypu can find the focaccia recipe by clicking this link:  http://octoberfarm.blogspot.com/search?q=focaccia

I made some plain and topped some with peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms.

I made a salad using just picked cucumbers.  Isn't the flavor of your own homegrown cucumbers so much better than store bought?

I used my just picked tomatoes too and added feta sprinkled with sumac.

I make this focaccia thin so it is almost like eating crackers.

It made such a good lunch.

And look!  The first of the Fall magazines! They made my day.


Anonymous said…
This looks soo tasty! I might just do something similar tonight.

The only time I grew cucumbers they were so bitter that I have to say that the bought ones are much better :-)

By the way, Kofta in Swedish means cardigan :-)

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh that looks good!!!I love to see the Fall magazines come out, I once was a magazine junkie, I'm now a recovering magazine junkie, lol,no room in budget anymore, :( !!!!
dayna said…
Looks absolutely delish!
Joy said…
THAT looks like a lovely lunch to me! And I love mixing up cuisines/cultures in the kitchen! :-)
Cottage Tails said…
mmm your men folk must look forward to coming home each day to your meals. Yep picked from garden to table - nothing better. Those mags look wonderful.
If the Fall magazines are out, can the Halloween ones be far behind? I think not!
Sara said…
I like mixing cultures. :) This looks goooood!
Nellie said…
Now I'm hungry! I received a fall magazine a couple of weeks ago! It won't be long, now.
Guillaume said…
You are really into Mediterranean cuisine these days.
Barb said…
I love the focaccia! I received two fall magazines this week!
If I close my eyes I can taste everything. DELICIOUS, indeed.
Ellen in Oregon said…
That is not what I would call "lunch" - it is a feast for the eyes & the stomach. A wonderful Summer meal. Your photos look like a professional food stylist took them. The bright colors of the dishes are amazing. Your focaccia is a work of art.

If we ever have cool temps. again out West, I will definitely be making be making those delicious looking Pan au Lait rolls you posted yesterday, but most of today's dishes will be on the menu this weekend. Months of excessive heat + no AC= no baking & I can't wait for Fall baking to begin. I am so looking forward to Fall's arrival & the magazines are a welcome sign that our favorite season will soon be here.