More Twins

There were some classic cars on display at the twins fest.

The town has some lovely old homes.



Shouldn't those classic cars have been displayed in twinned pairs?
brokenteepee said…
I see a lot of home maintenance. That's what I see. heh
Anonymous said…
great cars and wow more twins than I have ever saw, that purple accented house is very ummm, unique,
Guillaume said…
Great pics, and what an original festival!
Cottage Tails said…
the boys enjoyed the old cars on your blog today
greekwitch said…
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Nellie said…
My husband would love those old cars! There does seem to be a lot of work involved in the upkeep of this style of homes, though.
Love the pretty houses. That was some interesting purple place. Enjoyed the TWINS too.
What an amazing thing to stumble upon! And you didn't even know it was a TWIN Fair? Not really a Fair...what would you call it?
The houses are really neat.

The more I looked at the pictures of the twins..the more I wanted to see of them. Really interesting,

Not so sure about the lavendar trimmed house....looked nice..but..not for me. Besides, there was no front porch. Have to have a front porch.