On The Way Home

 We finally pulled ourselves away from Chagrin Falls and headed home.  We try to avoid major roads and opt for the 'scenic route'.  We spied this place as we were tooling down a windy road.


 Some of those big pumpkins are now happily gracing my front porch. Some people adopt shelter pets, I adopt shelter pumpkins. Besides pumpkins, we found lots of fresh vegetables that had just been picked from the farm.

 On our way out, we passed this farmer making a cornstalk delivery.

 Though we were no longer in Chagrin Falls, the houses continued to be wonderful.

 I think maintenance can be catchy.

 When everyone else is taking care of their property, it motivates you to maintain yours as well.

 I really like how most homes sit back from the road and have wonderful front lawns.

 I know I would be tempted to plant all of that land.

 Look at this terrific church we passed.

 Another house with huge windows and the consummate white picket fence.

 We saw a sign for fresh eggs and stopped here.  The owner took me into the barn and went from chicken to chicken, moving each one to get to the eggs.  They were still warm when we got back in the car.

 We came across another pumpkin farm.

 Heaven.  And,  did I mention that the temperature was barely 60 degrees. Perfect Fall weather.

 Pumpkin adoption occurred again.  At this point, we were at full pumpkin capacity. We could not have squeezed another pumpkin in the car.

 On our return home, I unloaded the stash we had acquired all day. We only managed to buy 8 eggs but they were very tasty for breakfast the next morning.

 The Blog Tech tapped into the concord grapes and this was all that was left on our return.

 My pumpkins spilleth over.

 Halushki is on the menu.

 A few Fall treats that couldn't be passed up.

 And fresh apples.  My house smells of fresh apples.  Sigh!

 Green beans.

 Sweet potatoes.

 And probably the last of the blueberries.

 A small ham from a local smoke shop and some Ohio maple syrup.

And to end a perfect Fall day, I built an outdoor fire.  I am in my element.


Now that is a nice haul of fresh produce! And eggs fresh from the chicken's bum!
Nobody does fall better than you Americans - so beautiful!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful area! I like all those houses but way to much lawn for my taste :-)

Nothing better than absolutely fresh eggs! But it can be a bit difficult to peel the shell after boiling them.

Your entrance now look terrific!

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous pictures, as usual.
CalamityJr said…
As a transplanted Buckeye, this may be my most favorite of your excursions - thank you for all the lovely photos and details!
CalamityJr said…
As a transplanted Buckeye, this may be my most favorite of your excursions - thank you for all the lovely photos and details!
Cottage Tails said…
Oh my what a wonderful day out - and the farmer getting you real fresh eggs, noting like it is there. Your porch looks divine - sure wish I could go trick or treating at your place. PS James LOVES the Maple Syrup you would of loved hearing him sigh oh mum this is soooo good. Abbey made some kale chips and used some of the maple syrup in those.
Can't find concord grapes anywhere around here. Loving the mere sight of yours. That front porch is spectacular, definitely autumn ready.
Barb said…
Are you sure you are not in New England!! Now you have me envious-mid 80's again here, near 90 tomorrow-can you believe this!!!!!YUCK!!!!!!
Sherry said…
I love love LOVE fall!!! Your pictures are just beautiful...thank you for sharing them.
Ellen in Oregon said…
So glad you were able to find those pumpkins you wanted. The porch looks fantabulous now. Lots of wonderful fresh produce & eggs - what could be better. After falling in love with Chagrin Falls, I did look at the real estate & was shocked that some of the smallest turn of the century cottages started at over $700,000. At least it was nice to dream about moving there for a short while. Your fire was the perfect end to a perfect excursion. I read where Chagrin Falls has an Apple Blossom Days celebration. Might be just the reason to return there one day.
Julie Ferguson said…
Awww, I love fall and your pictures made me smile.
brokenteepee said…
That is about as fresh as eggs get.
Texan said…
Wonderful day without a doubt! LOL on moving the chickens to get the eggs! Pretty fresh I would say!
NanaDiana said…
Wonderful backroads-and great scenery. Love all those stately old homes, too- xo Diana
Kay said…
I love it! You make me feel like I'm right there to enjoy fall.