Pumpkin Patch

If you look closely, you can see a crow sitting on a pumpkin.
I love pumpkin patches after the first frost.  The leaves die back and you can see all of the pumpkins in the field.

My garden is still growing.
We stumbled upon this farm market after the fair last weekend.  Look at the organized pepper display.
 I am going to miss these guys when the season is over.

 Baby Boos.

 Ghost pumpkins.

 Do you have your pumpkin yet?


Anonymous said…
that crow was very generous posing for you!!!! You're right about the pumpkin patch after a frost, I always found a few cucumbers and zucchini I missed after a after frost too! Those sugar onions would be great, I have bought and cooked a few pie pumpkins this year but we will have no trick or treaters, so no pumpkin display for us.
Dee said…
No pumpkin for us yet. But had the most wonderful toast this morning from your recipe of white sandwich bread, That bread is so good. Thank you.
Susie said…
Love your pictures. I like seeing the pumpkins in their fields. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
Vera said…
Love the crow on the pumpkin - great shot! We have a few small pumpkins and gourds inside and a few pumpkins outside (front step, mailbox, etc.) Are candy onions like Vidalia? I don't remember hearing of candy onions previously.
Those ghost pumpkins are cool.
Anonymous said…
I would have loved walking around in that market and buying those vegetables!

Nice crow :-)

Have a great day!
Jim said…
I too enjoy seeing all the 'leftover' pumpkins in fields this time of year....all that orange colour popping up all over!
Now I will HAVE to get ours today.
Guillaume said…
Oh I wish I had a pumpkin patch!
Barb said…
Great photos of the pumpkin patch crow and all. Yes, we have several!
I love the crow sitting on the pumpkin! I wonder if this one can be printed....
COOL crow. Those markets are so nice, full of great food.