Chicken Stock and Snow

 Today is The Blog Tech's birthday.  I am making him a special meal and I needed some chicken stock.  I had just roasted Teddy a chicken so I took the carcass and made this stock.  Do you make your own stock?  It is so easy, smells wonderful and is far superior to the store bought stuff.  Just put the carcass in a pot, add carrots, celery, onions, a couple bay leaves and some black peppercorns.

 Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for a couple hours.  Strain it through a fine strainer and there you go.  Three quarts of wonderful chicken stock. I'll show you tomorrow what I made with it.  I make this about once a week.  You can freeze what you don't use.

 This is what it looked like outside this morning.

 Most of the snow missed us but at least we got a dusting.

Look at all of those Teddy tracks.  She goes into overdrive in the snow.  Or maybe she was just excited about her boys birthday.


DeniseinVA said…
I need to make some home made chicken stock. This looks wonderful. Great snow pics too.
Laura said…
Ah, lovely snow. I am ready to have some here. It is cold enough, but the moisture all passed by yesterday. Now I want chicken soup!

ps...hugs to Teddy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Blog Tech. Enjoy! PS) Teddy looks sweet in the snow.
Anonymous said…
there seems to be something about a first snow that makes animals frisky, I have even seen coyotes play silly in fresh snow. Wish the blog tech a happy happy birthday for me, I know you're making his favorite meal and the cake will be amazing, have the best day!
Nellie said…
Happy birthday to the Blog Tech! Homemade chicken stock is the best!
Happy birthday to the Blog Tech!
Leanna said…
Happy Birthday Blog Tech!
I add mashed garlic cloves to my chicken stock. I freeze some of it in ice cube trays for when I only need a little for chicken gravy or soup for one.
Cottage Tails said…
Happy birthday to the blog tech! Yes I make my own stock too and add some apple cider vinegar to bring all the goodness out of the bones.
Anonymous said…
Can't say I long for snow but my dogs love the first snow too, even Nova :-)

I rarely do my own stock but I really should. Too lazy I guess.

Say Happy Birthday to the Blog Tech!

Have a great day!
thewiildmagnola said…
I use broth a lot.
Yours looks good enough to eat.

Happy birthday to the blog tech.

Teddy is a strong girl!
Guillaume said…
It snowed all over Québec too. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Oh and I am craving chicken soup now.
chickpea678 said…
Happy birthday to your blog tech! Hope he had a great day!
Margaret said…
Happy birthday to your son! Teddy is such a cutie. Maggie