Happy Thanksgiving 2014

This is our Thanksgiving menu this year.  We are having a different holiday this year.  Since there are just the 4 of us, and we see each other every day, Thanksgiving is sort of redundant for us. This year we picked a family with lots of little kids that live in a very poor section of our city and made thanksgiving for them. We will be taking this dinner over the river and through the hoods, so to speak.  Some of them are vegetarians so I made most of the dishes vegetarian.  I even made vegetarian gravy.
 This has been so much fun.  I've been cooking and baking for days.  Pumpkin pies.  One of the children told me he had never had a pumpkin pie before.  Well, this is your year little guy.  Hope you like it!

 A cranberry cornbread cake.

Pecan pie too.  I think everyone deserves a feast once in a while.  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Unknown said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Joyce! You really capture the spirit of this holiday in making other people happy!
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! It looks wonderful!
You spread the blessings around as always, Joyce. Happy Thanksgiving!
Laura said…
Happy Thanksgiving! You are just such a wonderful person!

ps...Hugs to Teddy
Cottage Tails said…
I bet the family is going to remember this thanksgiving for many years. I've a vegan coming to our Cranberry Thanks giving. So I am off to search for your vegan gravy and treats.
thewiildmagnola said…
Hello Jaz!

Wishing you and the family and friends......a very Happy Thanksgiving!

to Miss Teddy too!

Great Menu indeed!
CalamityJr said…
May all the blessings you give return to you. Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanks Giving!

It is easier to take a poor life if one at least get a party to look forward too!

Have a great day!
Ellen in Oregon said…
Happy Thanksgiving Joyce. I hope you & your family have a great Thanksgiving. Be careful driving through the hood. Anyone who was lucky enough to dine on the amazing spread you prepared would think they died & went to heaven. Beautiful food feeds the soul. I hope that little boy discovers he loves pumpkin pie. You put a lot of love & care into everything you make & I'm sure that family will know that as soon as they see this magnificent feast. You are such a kind & generous woman. Nothing feels better than helping people.
Mary Ann said…
Way to go, Joyce! I know you guys had a blast doing this. Hope you got to sit down around your own table, too, and enjoy each other's company!
Guillaume said…
Happy Thanksgiving! I totally forgot it was the American one. In Canada, it is celebrated far earlier, apparently it all started with Samuel de Champlain.

And on a side note: I LOVE a good pecan pie.
You are right everyone deserves a feast at least once a year. It was wonderful that you made that a reality for some deserving folks. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
I looked and looked for a recipe for candied sweet potatoes on your sidebar..but there wasn't one. Never had that happen before. Those pies are just beautiful!