Trimming Boxwood's

 We had a very light drizzle yesterday.  Teddy kept her paws dry by laying just inside the door.

 I took advantage of our cooler weather to trim my boxwood's.

 I sure have a lot of them and they all needed to be trimmed.

 I'm thinking that I never should have let them grow this high.  I can hardly see the stone walls anymore.

 I haven't gotten around to opening the fountain yet.

 Maybe next year it would be a good idea to trim the hedges BEFORE I plant the troughs.

 I bought this planter thinking it would be good to plant tomatoes in and move around to keep them in the sun.  It's barely half full and I can hardly move it.  What a bad design. I've contacted the company to see what can be done.  I think this needs to be redesigned with much bigger wheels.

 The lettuce garden.

 Basil and cherry tomatoes.

 This is not zucchini.  It's a garden lie.  These are peppers and eggplants.

My husband did the boxwood cleanup which I think was the worst part.
 It's a jungle out there!  Think twice before you plant wisteria.

Think twice before you plant boxwood's too.


Craig said…
What a lovely garden. It all looks very luscious and manicured. We have high hedges and it's a job I hate, especially the clean up. It's the one job in the garden I use others for. They have excellent equipment and get it done in a fraction of the time it would take me. Well worth the money.
Alicia Foodycat said…
I love the idea of wheeling tomatoes around for the best sun - such a shame the design isn't fit for purpose.
Linda said…
You are always giving such great advice that I have some for you. When you trim your boxwoods (spring and early fall) spread an old shower curtain, bedspread, sheet, or tablecloth on the ground to catch the snipped bits. As the cloth fills up, pick up the 4 corners and transport the bits to the compost heap. Even works if you rake the bits onto the large cloth. The sheet will even drape over already planted containers. I love my boxwoods! Linda@Wetcreek Blog
So much work! But everything's starting to look ship-shape. Teddy is a good supervisor.
Anonymous said…
I'm not a big fan of boxwood since I had my gardencenter. They smell odd when the leafs and twigs get a bit crushed and unfortunately most people wanted christmas wreaths made from boxwood. That smell sort of ate its way in to the brain after a while :-) Look nice though.

I think You are right about that planter, the wheels are too small but I guess they thought the design looked better with small wheels, it does look beautiful with those wheels.

You have passed us now, we are way behind You when it comes to how much we can plant outside, we had frost again this morning :-)

Have a great day!
Susan said…
My goodness! You must have a mile of boxwoods! Your garden looks so lush and green. About the color I am right now ... with envy... :)
Cottage Tails said…
Your garden looks beautiful - Teddy was quite the supervisor.
Mary Ann said…
I have a few boxwood plants by the front entrance... they're coming out this year if I have to dig them myself :-).

Guillaume said…
I envy you for having such great garden... and because it is yours.
Barb said…
I have boxwoods and wisteria!!!!Your garden is looking great!
Teddy's got the right idea to enjoy that fresh outdoor air but stay dry inside. LOVE your lettuce and the container. LOVE it. The tomato idea is cool if only the cart's wheels were bigger. Wisteria is enchanting, boxwoods not so much, they're too high maintenance. Hate trimming.
Kay said…
Your boxwoods look beautiful now though and I love seeing wisteria in bloom. I hope you'll post those photos.
I badly want a boxwood hedge across the front of our front with the drought...who knows if I could water them. It's sad. It really is! Why should cannot move the troughs! Duh! :)
That cart definitely needs larger wheels. Definitely!! Too small for the load it's carrying.
chickpea678 said…
I love your lettuce planter. Must keep the bunnies away too!