A Farmers Market

 On Saturday we visited a nice farmers market.

 I get so excited to see what local offerings we will find.

 We always try to arrive at opening time which means leaving very early in the morning.

 This little guy was working at one of the booths.

 Lots of these markets sell crafts too.  Here you can see woven rugs,shawls and scarves.  They sell their own wool too.

 This guy is having better luck with his zucchini than I am.  I have only harvested one so far.

 The people at these markets are always so friendly and are happy to tell you all about their products.

 I bought lots of these potatoes and I will show you what I made with them tomorrow.

 Great display of these greens.

We stocked up on food for the week.
 More and more grass fed beef and free range chicken is available at all of these markets. 

 We always head home through the country.  You never know what you might find for sale at roadside stands.


Anonymous said…
I wish we weren't so boring and had markets like this too!There are similar markets down in Gothenburg but the ones growing those vegetables live far away in another country :-) But as long as there are immigrants one knows that there will be lots of fantastic breads :-)

Have a great day!
Craig said…
I do like farmers markets. The prices may be a little higher but the quality of the produce is superior. This one looks like a good one.
I haven't been to a single farmers market yet this summer! That must change.
Anonymous said…
I really enjoy the woven textiles, we have a couple of weavers selling here at our Mill market, they do such beautiful work, its pricey but the hours involved making the crafts are astounding!

looks like this was a great drive for you guys,, do you bring a cooler to bring meat home?
Leeanna said…
David and I love to go to the farmers market in New Braunfels. You can buy lots of German and Czech items as well as veggies and fruit. Sometimes when we come home the long way there is a lone farmer on the side of the road with so many people buying from him it's crazy.
We stopped one weekend to see what he had. OMG! The zucchini, peppers, and potatoes were amazing. He had lemons, oranges and blueberries. We bought about $40 worth of fruit and veggies. Everything was so cheap. He's going to be my first stop to shop at from now on.
sandra hagan said…
I love the farmer's markets....fresh fresh fresh!

Riding hope through the country is a always a treat!
what a wonderful ride in the country. the market looks lovely full of all those goodies. Bet you're going to be cooking up a storm
Guillaume said…
Lovely event. We get farmers' market here from time to time. And community markets.
Barb said…
What a great market! I would love to travel with you. I love taking back roads!
Mary Ann said…
We have not been to a market yet this year! I'm going to get myself up even earlier tomorrow and run to Leavenworth's, it's always a good one!
You live in a place some of us only dream of..imagine..driving through the countryside to a farmers market.
There is one just down the road from me..but not like yours..and certainly no countryside pretty drives. Just lovely. What did you do with the potatoes...did I miss it?
Donna Blaney said…
My husband and I love going to farmers markets. Try to visit one every weekend. We live in Ohio as well and I was wondering where is this farmers market that you recently went to. I would love to go
chickpea678 said…
You always plan such fun adventures! Did you discover any roadside treasures?
Kay said…
The farmers markets near here are so small. Yours is so much more interesting and fun.