Mexican Fideo

I have been cooking lots of Mexican food recently.  This is always a family favorite.  Think of it as Mexican spaghetti. 
I inadvertently deleted the first couple photos so we will just have to pick up here.  Saute 1 diced onion in a few tablespoons of oil. Add 5 diced garlic cloves.  Sprinkle it with salt and pepper, 2 tablespoons of cumin and add 1 tsp. of oregano.

Add 1 pound of ground meat and cook until it is browned.

In another pot, cook fideo noodles in a couple tablespoons of oil.  I can now buy fideo noodles in my grocery store but if you can't find them, break up one pound of spaghetti noodles.  Cook them until they start to brown.

Add 4 cups of beef stock.

Add 2 bay leaves.

Add 1- 28 0z. can of tomato sauce.

Add the onion and beef mixture.

Stir it thoroughly.

Cover and let it simmer for about 8 minutes.  Test it to make sure the noodles are cooked through.

It will thicken.

Stir in some diced cilantro.

Sprinkle it with some crumbled Queso Fresco cheese.  I also sprinkled on some grated Cotija cheese too.


Dee said…
That looks so good. We love Mexican food.
Guillaume said…
Mexican pasta is a great idea. I am all for it.
Anonymous said…
Too hot for me to eat any cooked food today :-) but this looks delicious and easy to make so I'll try it later.

Have a great day!
Craig said…
Yum, a quasi Italian-Mexican type of food. What's not to love about that!
That looks mighty appetizing to this hungry lady. YUM! YUM! I have never heard of Fideo noodles, though.
Anonymous said…
Mexican food is something we never see here, ever, there are no Mexican restaurants, and the grocery stores do not sell Mexican ingredients,,

I love any pasta so I'm sure I would like this!!

your banner photo is beautiful!
Leanna said…
This is Davids favorite. I throw in stewed tomatoes and green chilies.
Nellie said…
That would be a real hit with the grandchildren! I think I'll plan it the next time they visit!
thewiildmagnola said…
Looks good. Will prepare me a pot of this!

Sandra Hagan from the Wild Magnolia
thewiildmagnola said…
Looks good. Will prepare me a pot of this!

Sandra Hagan from the Wild Magnolia
Kay said…
Oh yum! I haven't had Mexican food in a while.
Joy said…
Yum! Not sure what ingredients we can find here in Melbourne now, but looks good. I've been on an Asian food kick since we have so many amazing options here! :)
Another keeper recipe!! Oh JOY! :)
Did you ever get through the BOOK I sent you this morning? LOL
Mary Ann said…
I have never seen this on a menu... I am going to try it! You are just a cornucopia of good recipes lately!
chickpea678 said…
Yum, on my list to make!