The Project

 I have so many peppers I have run out of ways to use them.  One can only use so much pepper jelly.  I am now dehydrating them.

 And look at this new bundt pan I got.

 It's made of glass.

And the cake did not stick to it!

Anyway....the house project continues. I think it's the 3rd month, I've lost track.

There is scaffolding everywhere.  But look above the window.  Before and after....what a difference.

As soon as the workers leave each day we go outside and try to get a few things done.  I finally planted some mums.

Teddy soaks in the outdoors since she is locked in the house all day.

As I was inspecting the work the other day I found this....a gutted staircase and no one even told me!  I threw the chairs and quilts in place to block it off as soon as I found it.  Teddy uses these stairs all the time and I was afraid she would get hurt. Who removes a whole set of stairs and doesn't mention it? They did tie up that orange electrical cord.  Jeez!

My security grates are finally painted.
I finished painting my mini me house.  Right now it's looking a lot better than the real one.


Anonymous said…
wow I love those security gates,, your design???
Cottage Tails said…
shaking ones head re stairs. How long to go now with the workmen there?
Beth Brown said…
Those grates are awesome!!!!!

Leeanna said…
Wow! What big difference in the house paint. I love that bundt pan. That security gate is to die for with that spider web design. So awesome!
greekwitch said…
I love your little dollhouse replica!It is really pretty!
Mary Ann said…
The house color is beautiful, but WHO REMOVES STAIRS WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING?????
Joy said…
And I've never seen a glass bundt cake pan for baking! How interesting!

What's also strange is that you're planting mums and we're harvesting fresh tulips Down Under! ;) I sometimes feel like I live in opposite world.
Kay said…
I've never heard of a glass bundt pan. And you say it doesn't stick? Wow!