Valentine's Day Deliveries

The Blog Tech and his fiancee made Valentine's Day deliveries yesterday.                                                                                
 I made more poviticias.

 I made an Oreo cookie and caramel trifle for 3 little kids and their mom.

 They were very happy.

 Lots of butter shortbread cookies cut into heart shapes with frosted edges.

 These are my favorites so I quickly wrapped them so I couldn't eat any of them.

 They got the strawberry marshmallows too.

Poviticas are always a welcome surprise.


greekwitch said…
As a big chocolate lover that I am, these last posts of yours made me very happy!!!
You're always spreading the love!
Barbara F. said…
Too bad they can't deliver to NYC. ☺️
Anonymous said…
Who wouldn't be happy for the Oreo and caramel trifle :-) :-) Everything look just as delicious as I know it is!

Have a great day!

Joyce, I think we need you to help solve the world's problems. You are amazing!! Yes, I know I've said it before..but being dazzled just keeps happening. How do you do it all?? :) I think it's how you show your love. Yep!
Wow! I love it when I answer my own questions!!
Tikkun said…
Incredible. How do you accomplish so much?!