Sad Thrift Shopping

 I know many of you have been cleaning out your places and downsizing.  I have been doing the same.  I also know how you can get into a real tug-of-war with some of your things.  I have made a valiant efforts these past few years to give away as much as I possibly can and today's post is an example of why.  I found someone's long loved Easter collection at one shop yesterday.  These cute vintage Lefton (well loved) porcelain figures were 29 and 49 cents each.
Compared to what you can find to put in an Easter basket these days, won't these be precious filled with treats for little kids?

 I had trouble getting them all in focus.

 The detail on them is wonderful and will make some of my little friends very happy.

 And these just broke my heart.  Someone spent a LOT of time blowing out these eggs, preparing them and lovingly painting and decorating each one. Only to end up, half broken, in a thrift store basket....4 for 99 cents.  Really?

 I carefully sorted through them and picked out the ones that weren't broken or religious.

 Someone put a lot of love and creativity into each one of these.

 I will pass them off to people who will hopefully appreciate them and take care of them and maybe they will grace an Easter branch or even a Xmas tree in some homes.

 Perhaps their lives will be extended a bit longer and they will be admired as well.

 This is a goose egg and the detail is remarkable.  This is all done with paint and glue and glitter. I have parted with some things that pained me to see them go but at least I can see someone else enjoy them while I am still sucking breath.  I really don't want to end up in a thrift store priced at 4 for 99!

 I also found this goofy little guy tossed in a pile of discards.  He still had the original tag and looks like he spent his life up until now sitting on a shelf somewhere.  I hope this Easter he will be held tightly and loved by sticky little candy eating hands. A stuffed animal life fulfilled.

 These vintage Easter baskets were 49 cents each.  These are the ones with the big loop handles that we carried as kids.  I wonder how many children these baskets made smile in the past on Easter morning.

Enough for nostalgia.  This was my next find!  I love vintage utensils.  They are made so much better than most that we can find today. The big spatulas in the middle are great for lasagna or for flipping fish.  I can't tell you how many spoons I've broken mixing pots filled with 18 quarts of food for the kids.  These spoons will stand up to the job. These ranged in price from 29 cents to 1.95.  A good day at the shops.


Susan said…
It is sad to see such once-treasured collections piled in bins for cents each. I wonder how many were tossed without a second thought by relatives who couldn't be bothered. Those Easter bunnies/chicks are adorable! And those eggs! I have a nice collection of vintage utensils that I use constantly. No plastic!
Mary Ann said…
Okay, I am one who is paring down her holiday things, but I got my Easter things out and decorated the mantel. I have a chairful of gently used stuffed animals... I used to put them out everywhere, but right now, they are resting in the chair. I hate to throw them away! I imagine they could go to the thrift store, too.

Christmas... oh.... gosh.... at least 10 bins MUST GO :-)

I love the Lefton critters.
Anonymous said…
I really like those eggs! Just imagine how much work that is put in to make them so beautiful! No one do things likethat any more, they rather buy plastic eggs from China.

That big spatula would be great to have! I'm not sure I've ever seen such a big one before.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said…
wow, you found some great finds, its like a treasure hunt for you,,
the utensils are great, never saw some of them before!!
marsha said…
I am so very heartened to see you rescuing those beautiful eggs and figurines so that others may be delighted by them! You are doing something wonderful.
In a similar fashion, the saddest thing I ever saw in a thrift shop was an entire huge basket of hand-painted Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Sad that whoever had made them had no one to pass them on to or no one who wanted them. They still make me sad every time I think of them.
Kay said…
That really is sad about those beautiful eggs. I didn't know you could decorate eggs like that with just glue, paint and glitter. Such a shame some of them were broken.
Guillaume said…
Looking at these pictures you really make me long for Easter. It is Mid-Lent, so not so long to wait now... I love the stuffed rabbit, I'd give it to the big sister of my godson if I could. She is a teenager now, but always loved rabbits.
1st Man said…
Oooh, I need to go to the thrift stores! I never thought about all the Easter stuff that might be out. Love your finds and yeah, those eggs are so beautiful and amazing someone made those and like you said, only to end up in a thrift store bin. Sometimes that's what makes me take something, I figure if someone put that much love into it, we can always use that love in our home!
Joyce, my daughters and I used to gather every Easter after dinner and make those eggs for our Christmas tree's. We would blow out half dozen or so each and save our Christmas cards, cutting out little figures etc..collected old jewelry to be taken apart..glue glitters, all sorts of things and take hours making them. A lot of work. Mine won't end up in a least not for a long time as there are lots of granddaughters..but perhaps one day if they survive. This was sad. I'm always giving my girls things..I enjoy it.
I guess after I am gone I won't care..but you are right, it is sad that so much effort was spent..only for them to end up like that. Thanks to you..these little treasures may get a few more years of being loved. I hope so.
Joy said…
How thoughtful of you to find these treasures and pass them on to someone else who might love them just as much! :)
Tikkun said…
Wow, great finds at the store. I especially love that you are finding loving homes for those handcrafted eggs. And I agree, those vintage easter goodies are way better than most of the new stuff you can get today. Way to save and give new life to those forgotten treasures!
Magic Love Crow said…
You found some beautiful treasures! It is sad, thinking how can some of these beautiful items be given away, but unfortunately it happens! So happy you got them!