Summer Has Arrived

 Summer has arrived and I am not happy about it.  It was 84 here yesterday. I worked outside all morning until it got too hot.  I cleaned up my old potting table.  I thought I was going to have to rebuild it but when I turned it over and examined it, it's still very sturdy. has been sitting out in the elements year round for years and years.

 Life's short so I put out my toads and pumpkins already.

 I also cleaned up my outdoor sink.  I made this counter top out of the old bluestone pavers that surrounded my house when I bought it long ago.

 You can see the faucets on either side of the witch.  I use this sink a lot!

 Mona sent me these huge pinecones from her yard.  All the way across the country and now they are in my yard. Thanks Mona!

My phlox is blooming too!


Anonymous said…
its beautiful,, like a step back in time.
and those pine cones are amazing! so big!
Yes, it's the middle of April and I'm running around outside without a coat. IN EDMONTON. And My Rare One just finished planting her garden with root veggies. A WHOLE MONTH EARLY. My oh my.
I'm jealous of your warm temps! We are in Maine for the long weekend and it was only 62! Had to wear a jacket to do my yard work! I love your outdoor sink!
The temps are indeed more like summer than spring. Love your potting table and all your special things. Toads and pumpkins work anytime of year in my world too. Those are HUGE pinecones.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't like 84 allready but it wouldn't be bad if we could reach a bitr higher than the low 40's we have had today. Still I really can't complain, we haven't had a this warm and early spring here in many years.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Nice to know. Here it is very much Spring still, going from hot to cold. And by the way lovely pictures, as usual.
Susan said…
Whoa! Put the brakes on! Our spring is sputtering along, but I sure want spring before summer! What lovely outside spaces you have, my dear.
Cottage Tails said…
ahh an outdoor sink would be well used here too.
mlw33 said…
I love that you put your pumpkins out! We are almost halfway to Halloween after all! I am not a huge fan of spring or summer, but both of those seasons coming and going means Autumn is on its way!
My gosh...I love your place! Looks so cozy.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Love your toadstools!!! Your yard is always breathtaking!
Tikkun said…
It's all so gorgeous and you are so industrious!