Football Treats

 My photos are giving me fits today so this is a short, silly post.  I made these for my kids to eat during a recent football game and though they couldn't be simpler, they loved them.  You just place a Rolo on a square pretzel and sit them in a 300 degree oven for about 3-4 minutes until the Rolo softens.

Place an M&M of the top and push it down.  Let them sit in a cool place until they harden. These would be fun to make with little kids too!  You can also use a pecan half instead of an M&M.


Susan said…
Gah! My favorite food groups - pretzel, caramel and chocolate! I would even force myself to watch football if these were served...
Anonymous said…
Yummy!!! We have rolo (but spelled with two l's over here ) too! I must make these this weekend :-)

Have a great day!


littlemancat said…
Love these - in fact, I think I found out about them from your blog!
So tasty - I use the pecan topping, but really like the colorful M&M on top.
Guillaume said…
Can we have some even if we don't watch football?;-)
Cute idea, Joyce. :)
Question: Wondering if you precook the bacon or sausage before putting into the "breakfast" egg dish you posted? I imagine you would cook it first but would it be necessary or would it cook along with the eggs?
(shoulda put this is a private email..) We are watching the series, of course...sending your snack hit to family. :)
Jim said…
YUMMY! And so easy!