Cajun Beef Noodle Casserole

I made this for the kids yesterday.  It's a Paul Prudhomme recipe from back in the day.                                             

I made 5X the recipe.

 Here are the step by step pics.

 This is a much more flavorful version of the normal beef and noodle dishes out there.

 I've found that the meals I make for the kids where I use lots of spices are always the ones they like the best.

 And they don't even complain about all the vegetables I add to these dishes.

 This ended up being one of their favorites.  One kid is from Cajun country and speaks Creole and he loved this.

It's hard to show the finished dish because it gets sent off in the slow cooker to finish cooking right before they arrive from school.


Mary said…
Good, you must be feeling better, 5X the recipe ! Glad you can manage to hide some greens in there too.
Anonymous said…
You've done a good job if a kid from Cajun country love what You've cooked! I'm not surprised though.

Have a great day!

Ian's Girl said…
The world is a sadder place without Mr Prudhomme. He was a delightful man. Glad to see you're feeling better!
Heritage Hall said…
Welcome back to well being and cooking up a storm. Spicey food is supposed to make you healthier and prolong life, so what a greater favor you do those charges of yours....
Glad to know you are feeling better. ALL you need with this dish is some well placed Zydeco music.