A Sugar Shack

 Last Saturday we went to our last Maple Festival of the season.  It sure flew by fast this year.

 This is one of The Blog Tech's favorite sugar shacks.

 You can see all of the different spiles used to tap the trees.  Click for a closer look on any pics.

 And here you can see why this is The Blog Tech's favorite shack.

 Some of the free samples.

 Stoking the fire in the boiler.

 Hot dumplings right out of the oven.  All they need is the vanilla ice cream and maple syrup which they top them with.  Surprisingly, The Blog Tech passed on a dumpling.

 Vintage syrup cans and awards won by this shack.

 These girls show you how the pioneers made syrup over an outdoor fire.

 The Blog Tech and his wife did, however, imbibe in maple milkshakes.

 And maple hot dogs.  And that was just at the first maple shack.  They ate maple products all day long until TBT was turning a bit green around the gills by the end of the day.  His wife never faltered. She was still sampling maple products at the last shack.  They are a couple made for each other!

And so we were off to the next place.  More tomorrow!


Linda said…
My mouth is watering just looking and reading. I found out this last year that pecan and hickory trees can be tapped. I may try it next year.
Susan said…
There is no such thing as too much maple...
Rain said…
It all looks so delicious!!! Do they do taffy at your sugar shacks? In French they call it "tire"...from the verb "tirer" which means to pull. They pull the syrup on the snow to make a maple taffy, oh my gosh is it good!!
Anonymous said…
Already over? Didn't it just start :-)

I'm pretty sure I would have loved to try all samples I could find :-)

Have a great day!

Why do a maple hotdog and milkshake sound good right about now? YUM to everything.
Guillaume said…
I want to go to a good old cabane à sucre.
Adam said…
That's a lot of maple
Herbalgirl said…
I used to love sugar on snow parties in Vermont. Never had a maple dumpling but want one now.