Happy Father's Day Dada

 Happy Father's Day Dada!  You are the best dada any puppy could have.

 You feed me my favorite treats.  They drive me a little crazy.

 You take me swimming.

 You keep me warm when I am cold.

 You never fail to know what this look means.

 You take me to the beach.

 And you took such good care of me when I had to wear the 'Cone of Shame'.

 You made the indignity of it all so much better.

You always make me feel so warm and fuzzy.  I love you!


Rain said…
Very sweet Joyce! Our pets have a special bond with us don't they? Love them. Oh that cone of shame! I've tried to make it more bearable on the pets and covered it with fabric so it wouldn't be too harsh on them, but Teddy looks like he has enough fur to be somewhat comfy! :)
Awwwwwwww! That is such a sweet post.
You're a lucky pup, Teddy!
Kay said…
Awwwww... Teddy is just the most adorable looking furry friend ever! Happy Father's Day to the guy who takes such good care of him.
Guillaume said…
Happy Father's Day!
this is so sweet teddy. so sweet.
happy fathers day.
Alicia Foodycat said…
Getting the sand out of that fur must be a very big deal!
Warm and fuzzy fits her perfectly! Mele' was like that..and I miss her terribly. Does she like to be groomed or does she fight it? Bud is the first dog I have ever had that LOVES to be groomed. Makes sure I don't miss a single spot.