My Haul from the Trip to the Country

 I love buying local produce on our road trips.  We scored big time this past weekend.  We found  cherries, black raspberries and blueberries.  The guy that sold them to us had purple fingers.  You can't get them much fresher than that! Some goat milk fudge for my husband.


 Local honey and beeswax.

 And look at the way they were selling dill!

 Broccoli, carrots, garlic and green onions.

 Cabbage, tomatoes and zucchini.  My garden is less than stellar this year so I am very happy to be able to buy all of this locally.

 Corn on the cob.  I am going to freeze a bunch of corn this year to use at Thanksgiving.

 I get so excited to transform all of this into delicious meals.

 The best thing about heading north is stopping at the wonderful smoke shops that are everywhere. I stocked up on sausages, Amish butter and smoked cheese.  And I bought smoked beef sticks and jerky for my kids.

Smoked Provolone and Longhorn is so good in salads and for snacking.  I'll show you what I made with all of this over the next few days.


Candace said…
Can't wait to see the recipes you come up with for this haul.
Black raspberries? Never heard of those before!
Susan said…
There is going to be some wonderful food coming out of your kitchen...that smoked cheese and meat made my mouth water!
Cottage Tails said…
Total yum, nothing better than getting nutrient dense food straight from the farmer
Leanna said…
Oh crap. I'm having to wipe all this drool off my keyboard again. I can't wait until the farmers market opens up again downtown on Sundays this August. They always have the best produce.
tasty treats. i'm sure you'll turn into something delicious.
Anonymous said…
Lots of yummy things there :-)

It is a terrible berry and fruit year here. The only thing we got is raspberries and blck currants. No apples, no cherries and no plums anywhere. The spring started way too early and just as everything had started to bloom the heavy frost came and destroyed all the flowers.

Have a great day!