Another Festival

 The second festival had people dressed in period garb.

 It was held in the woods.

 We went straight to the candy apple table to buy some for my husband. He is a big fan of these apples. They are dipped in caramel, then chocolate and decorated with nuts or sprinkles.  They come in all sorts of flavors.

 A piper.

 A lot of people playing bagpipes.

 A drummer.

 Gypsy dancers.

 There was a small pumpkin maze for children.

 And pony rides too.

 Gourds and pumpkins for sale.

 Buggy rides.


Click for a closer look.  This woman was weaving yarn through this frame she made to make a picture.  More tomorrow!


The pipes, the pipes are calling! Looks like fun!
Susan said…
Anything with bagpipes has to be wonderful! Looks like a glorious day, weather-wise.
Rain said…
I'm with Deb and Susan...LOVE the pipes! :) Looks like a fun festival!
Linda said…

That festival looks fun and very interesting.
Leanna said…
More field trippin. I love this. Period dress festivals are the best.
Guillaume said…
Pumpkin maze? This is very cool!
Love the gypsy dancers.
chickpea678 said…
Gypsy dancers look amazing!