Festival Part ll

 The first festival we went to always has vintage cars on display.

 I had to take a bunch of pics and post these for Leanne and Brent since he just redid this same truck in New Zealand.

 Look at this grill!

 The bed might be my favorite part.

 What a classic.

The farm that hosts this festival is a horse farm.
 Isn't this the perfect limb to hang a swing from?

 The farmhouse.

 Handmade wooden ornaments.


The chainsaw artist at work.  I'll show the second festival tomorrow.


Leanna said…
I love it when you take field trip pictures. I have to show David the Ford truck pictures. We do appreciate great looking classics. Thanks for the pictures.
Anonymous said…
I have a friend who had a truck just like that black one but blue metallic. I've always wanted one of those :-)

Have a great day!

Beautiful restoration work!
Susie said…
It's fun to see someone carve with a saw. Love that old Ford truck. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Cottage Tails said…
Thanks Brent enjoyed the photos. xx
Guillaume said…
I really love the idea of an autumn festival.
neat truck. love the wooden ornaments and windchimes.
Cottage Tails said…
Great looking F1 truck..... This fits in very well with the surroundings and the festival too.
A good day out.