It's Fall

 It's Fall....I just wish someone would tell our weather that it is!

I made these bacon, cheddar and chicken rolls for the workers a couple days ago.
 I made my pizza dough but you can easily use store bought for these. Brush the dough with garlic butter and sprinkle on some grated cheddar cheese.

 Add some diced chicken.  You can buy a rotisserie chicken if you don't want to make your own.

 Add some diced, crisp bacon.

 Roll it up and cut it into about 1-1/2 inch slices.

 Place them on a parchment covered cookie sheet and brush with more garlic butter.  Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

Bake them at 375 degrees for about 25 minutes.  You can serve these with marinara sauce or ranch dressing for dipping.


That doesn't look too hard and sounds delis. I will have to try these.
It's very cool and fall-like here at the moment but I'm looking forward to Indian summer.
Yum!! Look delicious!
Anonymous said…
We have the autumn eather over here, more and more trees are changing colors now and some even drop their leafs.

Those rolls sounds delicious!

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
Oh, My!! Them rolls do look yummy. Can you Fed-Ex some to me? I'll pay. Really!
Rain said…
Nice! Those are like the strombolis I make with ham and cheese! Very delicious. Oh Joyce, I know you want fall! Do you mind if I enjoy summer a wee bit longer? ;) Happy belated Equinox my friend! :))
i'll have mine with ranch dressing. yummy.
Betty said…
Thank you for a great recipe and I will give it a try. I know what you mean about Fall. It is in the 90's this week and I live in WV. They say that Fall may come back this coming weekend though.
Guillaume said…
Gorgeous pics as usual. This year we are lucky here: it's cool overall and very much like autumn in September should be.
chickpea678 said…
Yum! Looks delicious!