Pumpkins are everywhere now and I have started collecting my stash for this year.
 I've started to plant mums too.  I think I will try starting them from seed next year. My asters and marigolds did so well that I'm sure mums will too.

 Poor Teddy's UTI is back and she was up all night.  Truth be known, we never got rid of it.  So, another grueling couple of weeks with antibiotics that make her throw up all the time.

 I got some bales of hay the other day and will add more pumpkins and ghourds.  I am hitting the countryside this weekend.

 Fall signs are out.

 If you look closely you can see black metal witches in each planter.  Click to enlarge.

 I'll get you better pup!

My daughter bought me this pumpkin box.  So cute!


Dee said…
Our girl had UTIs until we started giving her a bit of Kefir every morning! It sure has helped her.
Susan said…
I need to get a few pumpkins myself - my rule of thumb is two for me, one for the sheep. Pumpkin seeds are a natural dewormer. I've heard the same about kefir and UTIs - poor pup. Hope she's better soon. I guess you didn't get your usual three hours of sleep.... :)
Poor Teddy! I hope she feels better soon. Pumpkins and straw bales just naturally go together too.
Rain said…
I love all of your pumpkins...I absolutely love the way you decorate! So beautiful!

Joyce, our Marlene has bladder crystals (one step away from kidney stones) which caused her some very painful and recurring UTI's. She is on a special Royal Canine S/O diet for urinary health. That helped her a lot. But I think what is keeping the UTI's away are two things we do now. She gets 1/4 tsp of pro-biotic powder each morning in her food. I also give her a (human) cranberry pill too each day. Ever since I started this regime, she's not had one infection and it's going on a year now. I'm sorry Teddy is having such a hard time, Marlene got sick on all those anti-biotics too.
Your poor baby girl, I hope she gets better this time round. I was looking at the black metal witches and noticed a door to the right in the picture. I hate to be nosey but where does that door lead to? It looks like something from a European secret garden, with the ivy and flagstones. It's just so cool looking.
Cottage Tails said…
love your decorating! I'm planning to plant a large pumpkin patch just for you.

Hay with naturopath hat on UTI can be due to gut bacteria (poor) in humans. So try and get teddy on some good probiotics maybe try and find a naturopath there for best brand??? organic Lactobacillus acidophilus yogurt is also well worth a try. I'd limit any wheat based food if she has it in her diet/snacks. Add as much Prebiotic fiber foods into her diet eg...skin of an organic apple, chicory root in her meal
Guillaume said…
That is so great! I have not seen one yet here.
poor teddy. hope shes well soon. love all your planters. that is a sweet pumpkin box your daughter bought you.