Daily Cuteness

 One of the preferred ways of laying down.

 I'm making homemade food for Winnie.  There is just too much weird stuff in store bought no matter how good it's supposed to be.  Not to mention how expensive it is. This variation is brown rice cooked in organic chicken bone broth I also made.  She get's a separate bowl of bone broth to drink too.  This recipe has roasted diced chicken, cubed carrots and sweet potatoes which I boiled in water and then added some of that broth to the rice as well.  There is diced heart and liver from the roasted chicken and fresh parsley. Winnie loves it.

 Another preferred way of sleeping.  This just doesn't look comfortable.

 The little bear.

 She has perfected shaking.  Whenever she wants something, she sits and shakes her paw.

 She sat and stared at me and occasionally would shake her paw because.....

 ....she wanted some of this.  I roasted grass fed beef bones and short ribs to make her beef bone broth too.  She has to wait until tomorrow for this because it takes 24 hours of cooking for it to be ready.  I am determined to raise her on good nutritious bone broths. Bone broth is wonderful for overall health for both dogs and humans.  It's especially good for healthy joints.

 Winnie will just have to wait patiently for a day.


Anonymous said…
Winnie is one very lucky dog!!!
Winnis hit the jackpot when she got you for her owner/momma.
I bet Martha Stewart's dog doesn't eat that well!
Anonymous said…
It was too tricky to make Albins food since he's allergic to almost everything . I was never sure he got all the nutrietns he needed. It was however nasty expensive :-) :-) :-) so I'm glad I found the food he has now :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
Winnie is a lucky little princess to have a mommy like you. She is so damned cute! Keep her happy and healthy, sweetie.
Heritage Hall said…
How huggable and smootchable can one dog be?
Linda said…
That is so cute that he shakes his paw for food. It is much preferable to whining or jumping/running. If I ever get another dog, I will make its food to prolong its life. Remember, there is enough fur to make any position well-padded.
Cottage Tails said…
OH MY GOODNESS she is just adorable. Those eyes!
We make our own food too for the dogs.
Guillaume said…
Very cute indeed.
MaryO said…
In my next life I would like to be your dog!😀
Winnie is beyond cute + Beautiful!!!
Nancy said…
What a wonderful puppy Mom you are and Winnie appears to be very grateful. She really is incredibly cute.
winnie has a healthy appetite for her new diet of homemade food. a gift of love from you especially for her.