The Rental House

 Winnie settled right in on the sofa at the rental house.

 This is a sweet little place and one we will rent again soon.

 I think the owners just finished a redo on the place.  This room has the original windows and I think was a former porch.

 The kitchen is small but nicely done.

 I like how they used this marble topped table as extra counter space.

 The dining room and the hall to the master suite.

 A roomy bathroom that curiously has the original shower stall.

 The master bedroom.

 The dining room windows face the lake which is only a few yards  away.

 Another kitchen shot.

 Lots of snow leading to the frozen lake.

 Winnie's dining spot.  She still looks sort of small.  We leave to go home today but we are going to watch for the next winter storm and return to this place!

Check out the icicles by the back door!


Anonymous said…
I can hear your joy in the writings,, beautiful place!
Valerie said…
What a beautiful peaceful place!
What a lovely place for a winter retreat. Safe travels home.
It's a lovely rental place! But ooooh, those icicles by the back door -- evidence of ice damming on the roof -- not good.
wisps of words said…
It is perfect! Simple soft neutral colors, which will not clash with anyone's home choices.

I imagine that former porch, has been well insulated, to now be a 4 season area.

Just perfect! As long as you do not have to deal with the ice buildup! :-)

Be safe, traveling home!
Leanna said…
Beautiful place. I would rent it for the summer.
Heritage Hall said…
What a lovely get-away....Praying you safe travel home...
Winnie is a trouper.
Guillaume said…
Wow! What a lovely place to rent!
Rain said…
That is a wonderful place! I love the view to the lake, and that does look like a former porch! :)
Birgit said…
How. Incredible. Cute. Is. Winnie.

And that rental home -- a little piece of heaven on earth! :)