Winnie's First Time Off Leash

 Winnie is big enough now to start being let off leash in the upper garden if I keep a close eye on her. The first thing she did was run up behind the outdoor oven and hide.  She kept peaking around the corner to see what I was doing.

 She was quickly distracted by the birds. My dogs are always attracted to birds when they are puppies.  As soon as they figure out that birds have the power of flight, they lose total interest.

She got very excited to go out front. She laid on my mondo grass clumps like they were outdoor puppy beds.  She munched on them too.
She barked at every dog that walked by but when they poked their noses through the gate, she showered them in kisses.  Teddy would have bit their noses off.  Actually, when Teddy was here dogs quickened their steps as they walked by.  They didn't slow down to check Teddy out.
We got more snow and she romped in it in the snow pen.


NanaDiana said…
Honestly- I am just IN LOVE with that little girl! She is SOOO sweet. xo Diana
She's got the life of Riley!
Winnie is a Princess. That's all there is to it. She's a well cared for, much loved by her kingdom little Princess.
Anonymous said…
She's soo cute :-) It is so fun to see how they react to doing something they've never done before :-)

Have a great day!

Connie said…
How wonderful to run free . . . She's in doggy heaven:)
MaryO said…
She is beyond Sweet!
Rain said…
FREEDOM!!! LOL...she hid because she wasn't sure if she liked it or not lol! That's so cute.
Megs said…
She is such a sweetie! And she likes other dogs!
Cottage Tails said…
Winnie is really her own gal isn't she.
how sweet winnie showers passerbys with kisses.