Winnie in the Gardens

 I took Winnie down to the lower garden yesterday and she wouldn't move from the top steps.  She just sat there for the longest time observing everything.  I think she was a little overwhelmed.  I expect that very soon she will be checking out every square inch of it.  Chow chows are very cautious dogs and never barge into anything.

 And look at this sky from yesterday morning!

I can't remember ever seeing a sky this color before.
But when you have 80 degrees in February, I guess anything can happen.  It looked like the perfect background for a gender reveal party.


For some reason, I have seen the most beautiful skies this year. With all the turmoil going on, I think Mother Nature knows that we need to see this beauty to calm our our souls.
Anonymous said…
Winnie looks very majestic over seeing her domain lol,, beautiful sky for sure,,spooky sky!
Linda said…
That is a lovely sky. I love pink and blue skies. Is Winnie going down the house stairs yet?
Susan said…
What a beautiful show your sky put on! We've had more than our usual share of color as well. Good for Winnie - I imagine she is letting her nose go first, so to speak. Sussing out all the evil kitties...
jaz@octoberfarm said…
winnie is flying up and down the stairs!
Leanna said…
Awww! Winnie looks so tiny on the steps. I can't wait until she sees the pond.
Those clouds look awesome! We had rain for the past two days and some early this morning. It's 37 right now and will change later as that front reverses itself and brings warm weather back from the gulf. Strange days. Strange weather.
80 degrees in February? No Canadian can even comprehend that, lol!
Anonymous said…
80! I'm not sure I would like that in February but then again I'm not too happy about our 14F now either :-) :-)

Of course a queen should take it easy and check out her realm from above before walking around in it :-)

Have a great day!

Her first visit to the secret garden :)