Everything Ramp

The Blog Tech is always excited to attend the rampfest.

He looks forward to it all year.
He wasn't there 5 minutes and he scored some ramp dogs....hot dogs topped with fresh ramp relish.
He downed those babies in no time at all.  And then he ate another.
We bought pickled ramps.
And homemade ramp potato chips.
 Ramp butter which cost 6 dollars for 4 oz.!

I brought a cachapa home for my husband since he was puppy sitting and missed the fun.  Cachapas are corn cakes filled with Columbian cheese, pulled pork and sauteed ramps and are served with a ramp sauce.....delicious!
And of course I bought fresh ramps.  This is the test of a true ramp fan.  You have to love them a lot to clean them! I bought about 8 pounds.
 Slowly but surely I worked my way through bunch after bunch.  I cut the roots of, slid the jackets off and rinsed off the mud.  Ramps grow along creek beds and when I say they are muddy, I am not kidding. They come out of the ground covered in more mud than ramp.

 The work pays off when you end up with a pile of pristine ramps.

 Then you pull out 4 pounds of Amish butter and soften it.

And turn the above into fantastic ramp compound butter.

Freeze it in 4 ounce containers and use it in everything you can think of.  And it's a lot cheaper than paying the 6 bucks at the festival.


The Blog Tech is looking very slender and handsome! Marriage agrees with him, obviously.
Anonymous said…
They sure new how to charge for the ramp butter :-) :-) but I have to say they packaged it really nice!
I would have loved to try that cachappa! It sounds delicious!

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
I,d try hotdogs with ramps.
Rain said…
Oh it's ramp season again!!! :) Blog Tech is a handsome fella! Those dogs looks delicious! :)
Nar said…
You're making me homesick for WVa! :)
Linda said…
He is very photogenic. He could easily work in commercials.
a ramp fest to be sure.
Kay said…
Blog Tech is definitely a very handsome dude. I still haven't seen ramp anywhere. I'm so curious about it.
WendyFromNY said…
Our woods here in central NY are covered with ramps this time of year. I have never tried them though...