Ramp Festival

 Yesterday there were 2 ramp festivals and we went to both of them.  The Blog Tech and his wife were in DC so they met us there.  My daughter and I left way before sunrise to get to the first one in time.

 It was a very windy day and the vendors were having a hard time keeping their wares from blowing away.

 Just as the festival started, the train rolled in to take people for a scenic tour of the surrounding mountains.

 We were in TRUMP country for sure.  This is America today.

I feel as strongly about fracking as I do about our so called president. Apparently, not everyone ones feels this way.  I haven't had time to sort through pics yet so more will be posted later.


Linda said…
Unfortunately, the people who are most at risk won't reap the rewards>

I cannot believe we are stuck with that egomaniac, truly astounding how much he gets away with as a truly hideous human being. Enough said on that.

Anonymous said…
I would have loved to take a ride with that train :-) I was thinking of planting our ramp relative Rams in my garden but I'm not sure if they would survive Albin :-) :-) He did after all eat an entire jar with garlic cloves in herbs and oil :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
I love trains. Hopefully, the investigation will be over by summer and Comrade Orange will be gone.
i would have loved a ride on that train. glad you got to go to your first ramp festival of the year.
It a cold and windy day yesterday and probably not a good day for the vendors at a festival. However, a train ride into the mountains sounds like fun.