Memorial Day Food

 Memorial Day = Baked Beans

These are my maple baked beans.  You can find the recipe by typing maple baked beans into my search bar.  They are very simple and very delicious.

 And macaroni salad.  Macaroni salad marks the official beginning of the Summer season.

 And Frogmore Stew.  No, there are no frogs in it.  And it's not really a stew either.  This is a creation native to St Helena Island, SC..  It is made by adding potatoes, corn, sausages, crab legs, clams, shrimp and corn to a flavorful seafood stock. It is served with garlic butter.

 I always make hush puppies to serve with it too.

 If you followed the royal wedding you might have noticed that they held the reception at Frogmore House. John Grayson settled St. Helena Island and named an area of it Frogmore after his ancestral home. Shrimp are extremely plentiful in this area and thus, Frogmore Stew was born. 


Linda said…
Hush puppies are always delicious! That looks like a hearty feast.
I haven't made a macaroni salad in FOREVER! I should make one soon.
Leanna said…
I love macaroni salad. I just wish David loved it too. Yesterday I had to make potato salad just for him while I had my mac salad and mine was so much better than the potato salad.
Laura said…
I'm from NC and I've always heard it called a Low Country Boil. Whatever it is called it sure is yummy! I've been craving pasta salad for a while now. Guess it's time to give it a go.
Guillaume said…
Looks so delicious.