Getting Ready for Fall

 Yesterday, we had the first cool day in a very long time.  It put me in a Fall mood so I made a wreath for my front porch.

 I have a lot more decorating to do but at least this is a start.  I am going to work on the garland around the door today.

 I built a fire in the chimanea too!

 Willie has discovered the back porch.

And just like Winnie did at his age, he is enjoying spending time on it with a birds eye view of the back garden.

And look at this!  Puppy harmony!  They are doing very nicely eating together.  The playing is still a bit rough but it is getting better by the day.


Guillaume said…
I am getting ready too. In fact, I just blogged about the season.
Anonymous said…
the wreath looks wonderful, I knew it would. The pups are looking great!
Laura said…
Fall can't come soon enough for me! Give me falling leaves and cold mornings. I loathe the heat and humidity of summer. Your wreath is beautiful, as are the puppies.
Leanna said…
I have noticed you are always the first to post autumn finery. I don't really start until my birthday in September. That's when I drag out the huge plastic container full of all my pumpkins, wreaths, and that reminds me, I need to hit Hobby Lobby for new Halloween stuff and candles. I love that chimanea. It looks sooooo evil when it's lit up. Ahhhh, puppies. They are a true joy.
Well, the trees are going yellow here so I guess it sort of fits with an autumn wreath now :-) Thunder and some rain yesterday so it did cool down considerable. Today is back to hot and dry again.

Have a great day!

1st Man said…
Beautiful!! and cooler weather? How did you get so lucky? Ugh it's hot and humid and we still have AUGUST to survive. Sigh.

Puppy harmony is always a good thing!
the chimanea looks charming. love the wreath. glad to see winnie and willie getting along.
Linda said…
It is too hot to think of Halloween. Even through September it's blazing here.