We attended our first Fall festival yesterday.  It was lots of fun and I will post pics after I sort through them.  But the highlight of the day was when we spotted a sign that led us down a farm road to find this...a self serve pumpkin stand!  Be still my heart.

 They had 6 pumpkins, small bundles of flowers, mini pumpkins and gourds.  I skipped the peppers and tomatoes since I have my own growing.

 We wiped them out!

 We bought all of the pumpkins, most of the gourds and a bunch of mini pumpkins.  We bought all of the flowers too.

 We stopped at a store and asked one of the locals if she knew where we could find more pumpkins.  She gave us some convoluted directions which we were able to follow and eventually we saw this sign.  YAY!!!

 We drove down a meandering country road and came upon this.  A Mennonite farm with more pumpkins! We bought 21 pumpkins.  It's all we had room for.

 On the way out of the area we came across this.

 It makes me profoundly sad that Trump supporters think they have cornered the market on our flag and patriotism.  These bigots think they are the "true patriots" and follow the "orange smudge" blindly.  He is visiting this area next week and they are pledging their allegiance to him by plastering the area in American flags.  Don't get me started!  This is as close to The Asshole as I ever want to be.

 On a happier note, I put the pumpkins out as soon as we got home.  The W's had never seen a pumpkin before and were very curious about what these orange orbs might be.

 Willie was particularly curious.

 He checked out every single one.

 I'm sure he was trying to figure out if they are edible.

 Because of our long drought, the sycamore leaves went from green to brown overnight and are dropping like crazy.

 I doubt we will have a vibrant Fall foliage this year.

 Winnie is amused by the leaves as well as the pumpkins.

 I can't believe I have not one but two chow chows to play among the pumpkins this year.

 Wait until they see kids coming to the gate on Halloween!

We are going to try to dress them up but that might be tricky.  We'll give it a shot though.

And maybe the bloodhound will come to the party too!  Look at ferocious Willie playing with Ziggy. Click to enlarge.  The W's just love Ziggy and can't wait for him to visit each morning.


Linda said…
Maybe if Ziggy comes dressed, the Ws will want to be dressed, too. Your porch looks so Fall Festive.
Guillaume said…
It makes you feel great, doesn't it, when you have finally pumpkins for Halloween? I have not seen anything about Halloween yet in shops and public places, sadly.
Irene Hartrum said…
Maybe (hopefully) those flags are in remembrance of 9/11. We have done something familiar in front of our school this week. Prez orange in our area every weekend, we are in NJ.
I thought that when Halloween came around there would be kids coming to the door. Not so. That dashed all the fun. David told me on my first Halloween here that the kids go to the church and have a party instead. They said it's safer. Kids are never going to know the fun of going from door to door in the dark screaming trick or treat. What a shame.
Pumpkins go on sale in two weeks out here. I can't wait.
Soo many pumpkins! Well my pumpkin plants finally started to flower, now in September :-) :-) :-) I've read that one can deep fry those flowers, then at least I have some use of them :-) :-)

I wonder how Albin would react to a pumpkin, he would most likely bark like crazy in the beginning :-) :-)

Have a great day!

DDD said…
Your happiness is contagious.
You made my day!!
chickpea678 said…
I love your geraniums! I may put on my steps next year or this year if I can find!
my heart be still. love, love your porch and all the pumpkins.