Some people just need to have the last word but others take their sense of humor to the grave.

 I could get down with this one.

This is the stone I would like.

This is the one I'm more likely to get.
Enough said!


Kaput is right! Love Rodney Dangerfield's, in particular.
Anonymous said…
I love them all!
Mary said…
Funny or at least brought a smile until...the Vietnam veteran gravestone. Then just so sad.
bobbie said…
These are wonderful ~ TFS!
OMG! these are great! Rodney was always a funny guy. I would have loved to have read the gravestone that had the finger.
They are truly great!

None of them would be allowed over here though, I guess a good laugh at a cemetery is wrong over here :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
They are hilarious.
1st Man said…
Oh my gosh, too funny. And very touching too, the Vietnam one, wow.