Thanksgiving 2018 Countdown

Yesterday, I brined my turkeys, baked my sweet potatoes and made collards.  Brining 40 lbs. of turkey is no easy task.  I had to rearrange my refrigerators to fit those big birds.  Plus, filling huge pots with brine and adding 20+ pound birds makes for some very heavy lifting.  Since this year's Thanksgiving has a Southern/Early American theme, I decided to serve collards.  My experience is that most people have never eaten them and if they have, they haven't had good ones.  I have fine tuned my recipe and they are the tastiest greens I've ever had.  Nothing quite like a big pot of collards.
I always make a very flavorful stock using smoked turkey parts and this time I also used the ham bone from yesterday's ham. I use a lot of my fresh herbs too.

 I saute' onions in ground bacon and add a lot of minced garlic too.

 The stock simmers for hours.

 Then I strain the stock, add brown sugar, vinegar and mild pepperocinis and the collards.

 I bought 7 pounds of greens and cleaned them, de-veined them, then rolled and sliced them.

 The collards simmer for several hours.

These will make a perfect Thanksgiving side and will be a surprise to my guests.  You can find the recipe here:


NanaDiana said…
You are WAY ahead of me! Happy pre-Thanksgiving! xo Diana
Anonymous said…
Wow, collards cook a long time, l have never ever eaten or cooked them , they must be hardy to cook that long, you have been a busy woman, like the energizer bunny!
I like your theme. Southern food is the best.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
Many over here have collards at Christmas so I have eaten it several times. Never made it myself though.

That is an awful lot of turkey :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
OMG! I envy your guests. I love collard greens.
Guillaume said…
Yummy,yummy, yummy.
everything sounds scrumptious. happy thanksgiving.