Thanksgiving Prep Has Begun

 I've officially started my Thanksgiving prep for this year.  I made 10 pie crusts and froze them.

My cranberry sauce has been made and canned.  I made a lot because each guest gets to take one home with their leftovers.

 Look at all of these women preparing the dinner.  This is what I need, an army of women! This year my daughter and The Chef are making some of the sides and he is smoking one of the turkeys for me.  He smoked a chicken recently and it was the best chicken I ever tasted so this will be a real treat.

 I started to set the table too.  The centerpiece will be completed just before Thanksgiving day.  You can set your table far in advance and just cover it with a thin plastic painters drop cloth.

 Today I am driving to the country to order my turkeys and a ham.  I've never made a ham for Thanksgiving but I am having so many people that I thought the variety would be nice.

 Next week I will bake some short breads, gingerbread bars and maple nut bars.  These can be made in advance and kept on plastic containers. They actually improve in taste as they age a week or two. Besides a variety of pies, I like to have a good selection of other desserts as well.

Then on the big day people will travel over the rivers and through the hoods to get to my house for dinner.

 I always make lots of extra food so everyone can take home at least enough for another meal.

This year I will be making some traditional New England and Southern appetizers and side dishes which I will post them as I go along.  It's an early Thanksgiving this year and I have lots to do.


Anonymous said…
Sounds great and it certainly is different for you to have help, that is a treat for you,
Sounds as if You're prepared for this thanksgiving :-) The food sounds delicious!

Have a great day!

Valerie said…
I'm looking forward to my first Thanksgiving in South Carolina--my husband and I are moving there on Monday-eeek! I'll be perusing your page for recipes for certain!
Mary said…
Your menu always sound so tasty, and you certainly know how to manage all that food . I gave away Easter and Thanksgiving dinner to daughter and step daughter. I just do Christmas, to tell the truth I wanted to do Thanksgiving, but everyone said no "we have to come here at Christmas" Oh well.
Rain said…
What a wonderful post Joyce! I loved all the images you included. :) Oooh smoked turkey, sounds great! Your feast will be memorable I'm assuming!! I'm in rest and restoration mode in November...then Yuletide plans begin. :)
David and I always have ham for Thanksgiving and Yule. I also make a turkey breast for Thanksgiving but that is mainly used for sliced turkey sandwiches later in the week. Yesterday I made the cookie dough for Thanksgiving and Yule cookies. My back paid for it but it was well worth the job. I now have 20 cookie dough logs a foot long each sitting in the freezer in the pantry. I also made lots of mini rum bundt cakes that are sitting in the other refrigerator and I'm starting on the bread loaves today. What can I say? I f***ing love to bake.
Guillaume said…
Oh I LOVE the Cornucopia.
chickpea678 said…
Wow. Unbelievable! That pie crust and table setting are not to be believed!