The W's

Look at Mr. Grumpy face Willie!. Walter Mathchow!  Winnie, on the other hand, is always smiling.

Willie chews on his leash.  See his little shaved legs.  He gets his stitches out today.  I hope we get good news about his eye. He is a little hot mess and needs to be groomed.

 Winnie contemplating Fall. We got her 1 year ago the day after Thanksgiving.

Come on for the camera.  This is his smiley face. Click for a closer look.


Anonymous said…
Walter mathchow, now that’s perfect lol,,🙈 they are beauties,
Mary said…
We call that a poodle foot, when the leg is shaved all around. My cats are not happy about anyway being compared to a dog! Willie just looks concerned to me ok maybe a bit grumpy too.
What a grumpy old man. I'm guessing he's just not feeling up to par lately and refuses to smile because of that.
Rain said…
Little adorable. Good luck to you Willie! I hope his eye is okay and the stitches come out without complications! Only a's funny, it's only been three years since we adopted the three dogs! Feels like longer! :)
They are soo cute :-)

Have a great day!

Cottage Tails said…
wow a year ago, that has gone super fast. Maybe Willie is like his mum and doesn't do photos.
Susan said…
I can't believe it's almost a year since Winnie came home! I love their faces, smiling or not - they are both adorable!
Guillaume said…
They look very sweet together.
they are each adorable in their own way.