Cookie Wisdom

 And the cookie baking continues.

 I made these almond cookies with buttercream frosting.

Cookie Count:  1326

Trays of double chocolate chip squares.  We are taking the day off today to head to Amish country for more eggs, butter and baking supplies.


Leanna said…
Now I have to say something in defense of raisin cookies. They are dayumed good if done right. I like to make my raisin cookies with chocolate chips that way there are no trust issues.
Oh, those chocolate chip squares are gonna go so fast. Rock on, darlin.
Rue said…
I have been craving chocolate chip cookies for months. I don't make them for myself. You know that saying "the best salad is one that someone else makes for you." I think the best chocolate chip cookies are the ones that someone else makes. Ha!

Happy baking!
NanaDiana said…
OHMYGOSH!!! Those ALL look wonderful! Happy Baking! xo Diana
Nellie said…
Wonderful cookies! Would love a trip to Amish country! Hope your day had good results!
Shepherdess55 said…
I may have missed this in an earlier post. How many cookies are you planning to make for the wedding?
Christer. said…
I can fully understand the top one even if I personally really like raisin cookies :-) :-) :-)

Have a fun time in Amish country!